Friday, April 8, 2011

The Creekwater Junkies Interview By Wheeling Rampage Productions

What's your band's name and where did you come up with it?

The Creekwater Junkies, we came up with the name when we were having a party out at a friend’s cottage. The word “Creekwater” is slang for moonshine, and anybody who knows what we’re about knows that we like our booze. We’re a party band, so the two words combine to fit us perfectly.

Who is in the band and what do they play?

In the band we’ve got Chris “Gritz” Reitsma on vocals and guitar, Mitch “Cottonmouth” Cuming on lead guitar, Bryson “Fish-hook” Emmons on drums and Cody “Pig” Venne on bass!

Can you give a brief history of the band and previous musical experiences?

Well, Chris, Cody and Bryson all used to play in various bands together even before highschool. After their previous group “Dimorian” broke up, Chris and I started writing tunes for fun. To keep a long story short… it sounded good, we formed a full group and started performing live. After we decided to go for the gold sometime after our first EP was released in late 2008/early 2009… things have just constantly been getting bigger and better.

What inspired you to do music together?

We all love writing and playing music… we needed an excuse to toss back the whiskey on Sundays and that’s how the group started haha… But seriously though, we’re all friends and what could be better than doing what you love together and getting paid for it?

Who writes the lyrics? Is there any main topic or theme?

Depending on the song… there are a couple that I’ve had something written and brought it in and then Chris will play around with them and come up with something, but a lot of the times we all sit down and write as a group. In terms of a theme… well as I mentioned earlier, we’re a party band… its clich√©, but sex, drugs and rock n’ roll are there. The rest of them are about really whatever topic strikes a chord with us at the time of writing.

Do you have any loyalty to one brand? What gear do you use/play with?

Jagermeister! Haha, but in terms of equipment… not really a loyalty, moreso we just use what we like and think sounds the best. Myself and Chris use Marshall amps for the classic tube crunch sound, while Bryson uses a Tama kit and Cody uses a Traynor stack. Guitars vary, but a lot of Gibson/Epiphone stuff is being used right now.

Where have you played? Favourite place to play?

We’ve played all over Ontario mostly, still waiting to tour (more to come on that) but one of the more notable places we’ve played would be the Sound Academy in Toronto. Tonnes of venues though, too many to list… but one of our personal favourites would have to be The Red Rooster in Burlington just because the staff there are awesome and we always have a good time there.

Any achievements as a band you are proud of?

We continue to get better and that’s an achievement all on its own. But in terms of specific events… we won a couple battle of the bands competitions and we’ve shared the stage with some big acts, such as Helix, Blackfoot, Gilby Clarke, Crash Karma, White Cowbell Oklahoma and more.

What do you have planned for 2011?

2011 is gonna be a big year for us. We’ve just recently finished the recording of our debut album which is set to release in the fall. In between then, we’ll be releasing lots of new merchandise, new singles, filming a music video, launching a website… the list goes on and on…Those who wish to keep themselves updated on whats going on should look us up on facebook and join our fanpage… we post there frequently.

Any last comments?

Thanks for the interview and for the continued support! We hope to see more new and familiar faces at our shows in the future!

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