Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mother On Trial For Not Giving Cancer-Struck Son His Medicine, Ten Embarrassing Commercials Celebrities Starred In, The Robert Downey, Jr. Infographic, Japan Quake Aftermath Infographic, Charlie Sheen “The Unedited Version”, Epic Meal Time: Sugar Shack, Aperture Investment Opportunities, "Childhood" From Brave New Voices 2010

Well its been a while viewers, hasn’t it? I wasn’t feeling like a blogger for the last week and I apologize. I should be back into daily blogging soon. Just so you know, I have not forgotten about blogging, I just wasn’t in the mood. To make up for it, I have an interview with Cobourg’s own The Creekwater Junkies and a review of the movie Source Code. Those two posts will be up before the end of the week and I will link them in the blog of that day. I also bought a capture card and as soon as me and a friend can figure out a name for our channel, we will make a YouTube account. Anyway, here is today’s news.

Mother On Trial For Not Giving Cancer-Struck Son His Medicine

An Essex County prosecutor by the name of Kate MacDougall, said there were two different Kristen LaBries in this case. One was a mother who was caring for her sick son who was fighting cancer and the other was a woman who “seethed with resentment” at the child’s father in which she is accusing of abandoning them. MacDougall says that LaBrie was responsible for giving Jeremy Fraser his medications on numerous times and that the mother “didn’t tell anyone she was not giving Jeremy chemotherapy drugs.” Labrie’s defense attorney Kevin James says that she complied with all but one of the five phases of the treatment. Kevin also says she didn’t know treating him would make him sick for long time durations and that LaBrie started being exhausted and that “her mental strength and objectivity was waning.” The mother was removed from custody of her son Jeremy Fraser and was placed in the care of his father, Eric. Unfortunately Jeremy died in March of 2009 after his father withheld medical care because of some recommendations from doctors that said the illness of the child couldn’t be cured. The defense attorney, James said that the mother turned to the child’s father when she needed help taking care of the autistic Jeremy. He also stated that both parents were in the room when the child was diagnosed. LaBrie turned to Eric at that time and said, “I need your help on this one I need your help,” although she knew he would not. It is being said that LaBrie did not understand that the medicines for his cancer treatment would make Jeremy uncomfortable and in pain. Her attorney also stated that she said that giving him anymore of the prescribed medicine was “beyond what Jeremy could tolerate” and that “she made a decision to stop giving him the medication.” The prosecutor of the case, MacDougall, said that the doctor’s of the child saw progress while he was on the treatment and that the illness could have been eliminated. Although during a check up they were proven otherwise, as the disease was increasingly getting worse. It was then that doctors found out that LaBrie was not giving her son his treatments. The trial is still ongoing at this point and LaBrie is being charged with attempted murders as well as three other charges. has posted a funny article of some of the most embarrassing commercials that celebrities have starred in before they were famous. Here is a few of my favourites from the list.

That’s it for articles today but down below is a large assortment of other funny things. First off we have infographical pictures of Robert Downey Jr and the aftermath of Japan. Then we have the latest video from Charlie Sheen’s official YouTube page. Next is the latest Epic Meal Time as the gang head to Quebec to the birthplace of MusclesGlasses. Next is three commercials for Portal 2 from Valve and last is a  video from something I watched recently. I saw the 2010 Brave New Voices and thought I would share you one of my favourite poems from the event. That’s it for today and I hope I can start being daily again soon!

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