Monday, March 28, 2011

Top Five Countries United States Should Invade Next, Eye of Sauron, McDonalds Oatmeal Statistics, Fire Fox 4 Statistics, Child Who Knows His Presidents

Sorry for the lack of blogging over the weekend. I was busy and not feeling well. I’ll try to get back to daily blogging, my side isn’t allowing me to concentrate well. Anyway, here is some news I meant to post. I had a lot to report on but its all too old to now.

Top Five Countries United States Should Invade Next

Okay, I had no problem with this article until I read the first country. has Canada as the first country to invade. This is what they said about us, “This one's a complete no-brainer. They've got no armed forces to speak of, we don't even have to use ships or planes to get our troops there, and dammit, they've got oil! They've also got this crazy national health plan that's got to be quashed immediately before the American citizens get wind of it, so that'll be the first thing. And then we'll jack up the prices on those cheap pharmaceuticals. Oh yeah, we'll give 'em democracy right up the maple leaf.” Yeah sure we have oil, so quit bombing countries for no reason. Yeah we have free health care but maybe instead of invading us over it, Americans should take note and implicate it there. Also, we’re the only country that will follow you into battle willingly, knowing it’s the stupidest idea in the world. This was obviously written as a joke but still. The other countries are Australia, Tuvalu, Ireland, and Iceland. The writer wants to put different superstores in the middle of Australia because “almost all of the people live on the coastline, leaving a huge central section just sitting there doing nothing” as well as “we’ve got our top scientists and engineers working out how to build a bridge from Honolulu to Sydney.” In Tuvalu, they want to use the country as a place for troops to rest during their down time. It would also be a good spot for drivers to have a stop during their drive on the bridge from just said idea. Ireland is next to be invaded as the United States needs to “put in their government to keep things cool as a fool” as well as “have access to leprechaun pots of gold, to help them pay off their national debt.” Last is Iceland, which may be a good spot for a Disneyworld or even the winter Olympics!

One article is all for today. I have a picture from space that looks like the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings. I also have statistics for McDonalds Oatmeal and Fire Fox 4. For a video, I found an older but funny video of a child who knows quotes of certain presidents

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