Thursday, March 24, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Delayed (“Never Comes Early”), Animals In Star Wars Costumes, China Starts Censoring People Through Phones, Canadian Statistics, Troll Dad Comics, Rooster Teeth: Rage Quit: QWOP, Nice Peter Sings With Danny Trejo For Brisk

Hello everyone, hope you had a good day today. I did, because I won twenty dollars on Poker Lotto today. Finally after putting so much money into the OLG, I am getting some back! I am also going to go price capture cards and may start recording game walkthroughs and achievement guides, possibly some videos just for fun as well. Anyway, here is tonight’s news and I also posted an interview with Hallows Die you can click here!

Duke Nukem Forever Delayed (“Never Comes Early”)

Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed, once again, but only for one more month. Yeah it annoys me that this has happened, but I’d rather wait one month more than not have it released at all. It will now come out on June 14th and there has been a video uploaded from Gearbox President, Randy Pitchford, who seems just as angry as the fans. He also reminds us, “Duke never comes early.”

Animals In Star Wars Costumes has a humorous article up of cats and dogs dressed up as different Star Wars characters. It is very cute and funny, so check out the link above for all of the pictures. I will post my favourites down below:

China Starts Censoring People Through Phones

China has begun what may be a very privacy invading, paranoid act by censoring the word “protest” from phone conversations. It all started when an entrepreneur was on the phone to his girlfriend when he was cut off for saying the word while quoting “the lady doth protest too much” from Shakespeare. Apparently the conversation was cut off as soon as he said protest. This has been happening to both those who are speaking the word in English and Mandarin. China seems to have begun tightening their communications, especially like how they have blocked Gmail as well.

That’s it for today I leave you with  statistics of Canadians and some funny Troll Dad comics, you can see all of them at here. For videos I have Rooster Teeth’s new Rage Quit video of the Olympic runner game QWOP and Nice Peter’s video with Danny Trejo for the iced tea company Brisk. I don’t know if I’ve posted it before, but if I did here it is again!

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