Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hallows Die Interview By Wheeling Rampage Productions

Who, what, where is your band? What is the origin of the name?

Hallows Die. From Mississauga Ontario. Origin of the name is kind of a tongue in cheek reference to a couple of religious belief. Plus having the word "Die" in our name will help account for any badass-ness lost in our music.

What genre do you consider your music?

Really depends on the song or album. Primarily Melodic Death Metal but recently we've kind of been crossing more into the Progressive Death Metal end of things. It changes pretty frequently.

How did the band form? Is there any early history of the band you would like to note?

I'd love to say it was something grand and spectacular, but the reality is that it started in a high school lunchroom. Several years, lineup changes and one cliche beginning later here we are.

Are you signed to any record label? If not, do you wish to sign to any label in particular?

We've been constantly working with as many labels as possible, however, these are mainly just contra deals and small transactions. Should an exclusive deal come along in the near future that we feel will fully benefit the band as well as fulfill the labels vision then we'd be willing to negotiate a serious working relationship.

Do any of your band members have any brand loyalty when it comes to gear? What does each member play brand-wise?

Dylan (Drums) is currently endorsed by Pearl, and they've already sent him over a couple custom made kits, so he's rocking their stuff all the time. The rest of us have our preferences but would experiment if presented with the opportunity.

Who writes the lyrics to your songs? Is there any main theme when it comes to the writing process?

We all have our individual contributions but as of late its been primarily Gabe and I. As with the music the lyrical content is constantly changing, lately we've kind of been focusing on how deception is such a integral part of how we live today.
Your band seems to have travelled country wide, where have you been in North America that you are proud of?

We're pretty proud of anywhere we get to go. It's always a good feeling when you get somewhere new and are able to interact with people who seem to genuinely believe in what we're doing. Plus there are so many cool places we get to go ti's hard to pick which would be labelled the best.

What is your favourite venue and crowd?

Again, there have been too many of both to pick one that tops as the best. Pretty unique experience was in Sydney NS, they didn't have a bar or anything in town to put us up so they threw a party in one of the dudes apartments. It was kind of like an office space turned living area. They couldn't offer us a guarantee because they weren't charging people to come, but a ton of people ended up coming out and the dude putting it on ended up walking around with a box for "donations". We ended up making just as much as we usually charge, met a shit ton of amazing people, and had an overall amazing time. Its cool to see that in people are making it work in places where its more difficult and we wouldn't think twice about going back.

What is planned for the band this year?

Well we've got a west coast tour kicking off in May (check for details). Besides that we're focusing really hard on getting this new album out, hopefully by the end of the summer.
Beyond that It'll just be trying to book as much as possible again for the fall and make as much noise about the record as possible.

If you could play one single gaming console for the rest of your life which console would you pick?

For me, original Nintendo bar none.

Any final comments?

Hallows Die Penetrate the Pacific 2011, May-June all across western Canada. Show up and be obnoxious. Stay groovy.

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