Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Missing Child Is One Of The Best Hide And Seek Players Of All Time, Student Suspended For Bringing Acne Medication To School, Brain Trapped, Funny Divorce Letter, Charlie Sheen Kisses Jimmy Kimmel On JKL, Trick Shot Ping Pong Kid

Hello everyone today is a little short due to me not really being up to blogging as much as I want to today. Here is today’s news anyhow!

Missing Child Is One Of The Best Hide And Seek Players Of All Time

A Stoutland, Missouri child by the name of Bryce McCraken is now on of the world’s Hide and Seek champions. The four year old was playing with his brothers last week and took the game to a new extreme. He ran into a forested area to hide and even better he was wearing camouflage. After a while of not being able to be found by his brothers, a manhunt involving two-hundred-fifty volunteers on foot, in trucks and on horses was set out to look for him. It took the team ten hours before they had found him. Some kids just do not understand the area boundaries involved in the game Hide and Seek and then end up running off. This is one of those cases.

Student Suspended For Bringing Acne Medication To School

Hayley Russell, a thirteen year old student at Rachel Carson Middle School of Fairfax County, Virginia is being suspended for bringing her acne medication to school. Since she was afraid of her acne flaring up, she had her pills in her locker. The administration had confronted her about the pills because other students were telling them about it. She was suspended for seven weeks and was even banned from visiting the school without permission. She was forced to transfer to a different school to continue her education career. Many bullied her about the pills as rumours started and false statements flew around. It even went as far as the words “preggo” and “druggie” to be tossed at her. This is what the Washington Post said about the situation:

“Hayley’s experience -- as reflected in interviews and school records provided by her family -- follows a pattern reported by parents in at least 18 other cases in Fairfax: Students get ousted from school for a month, two months, or longer if an appeal is filed. They go to disciplinary hearings expecting impartial reviews and find instead what they consider an adversarial process. For many, consequences include school transfers that cut off social connections and upend academics. The Fairfax discipline system is under increasing scrutiny after Nick Stuban, a 15-year-old football player, committed suicide on Jan. 20 amid the fallout of an infraction at W.T. Woodson High School. The school board will begin a review of discipline policies Monday. Fairfax schools spokesman Paul Regnier said the school system interprets state law as requiring Hayley to be suspended and recommended for expulsion because she possessed a controlled substance, which includes prescription medication.”

Hayley’s case went into a court session hearing and because it happened near the end of the school year, the suspension was prolonged. It was also due to the fact that the hearing office was too busy to have it heard. It is a law in Virginia that school boards “shall expel” students if they have controlled substances, marijuana or any drugs that imitate it at school or a class trip. It does say that depending on the circumstance it may be considered that other consequences are given by school board employees. Administrators at Hayley’s hearing back in May declared that there was no proof she had distributed the medication and no apparent abuse or charges filed. The ruling that arrived in the middle of June had said that Hayley "willfully and deliberately possessed and consumed prescription medication at school, knowing that her actions were in violation of school rules. She put the safety and well-being of other students and staff at risk." Hayley was suspended for seven weeks and was then transferred to a new school. Hopefully the high school that she did go to is under a lot of discussion as it was a very wrongful decision to suspend her based on false accusations and incorrect investigation.

To conclude tonight’s blog I have a funny comic of a man calling 911 pretending to be his brain. Also is a funny picture of a man’s cruel yet comedic divorce letter. I also have a video of Charlie Sheen on Jimmy Kimmel and Sheen kisses him. As well as a trick shot ping pong kid video I thought was awesome.

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