Thursday, October 4, 2012

Guest review of "The Parallax II: Future Sequence" by Between the Buried and Me written by Dayle Smith, guitarist of Kynesys

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My name is Dayle Smith and I play rhythm guitar and occasional leads in what we define ourselves as just a metal band because we don't like to confine ourselves to one style. I guess it could be defined as "weird" metal. We hail from a small town called Ingersoll near London, Ontario. To check out our Facebook and like our page!

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1. Goodbye to Everything
2. Astral Body
3. Lay Your Ghosts to Rest
4. Autumn
5. Extremophile Elite
6. Parallax
7. The Black Box
8. Telos
9. Bloom
10. Melting City
11. Silent Flight Parliament
12. Goodbye to Everything Reprise

The Parallax II-Future Sequence is Between the Buried and Me's 7th album release (6 excluding the last E.P. they released) and is being considered highly anticipated by many fans, such as myself. So being such "fanboy" as you call it, I have given much though to this review, trying not to be objective and rather subjective, so to any first time listeners of this band I hope that this review can help steer you in the same direction that I am in. Though they have went through a good handful of members the current member have been there for a long time, so I imagine they have found who will be staying for a while(at least I hope).


The first song, “Goodbye to Everything,” starts off quite sombre which at first you might think is odd for the beginning of an album but it’s a short song that sets the mood for the next song. “Astral Body” is just perfect because this song is one that seems to fit its name. It starts like most...INTENSE with an off time riff that is melodic and catchy at the same time. What this album has that I have been personally hearing more and more unique sounds to, is the keyboard. In “Astral Body” and other songs such as “Extremophile Elite.”  This is due to the talents of the singer Tommy Rogers, I found over the years he has been mastering his key skills as well as his singing. The track "Lay Your Ghosts to Rest" is almost like a homage to the album “Colours” but with more off the wall wacky breaks in between intense metal riffs. “Extremophile Elite” tends to go even further back to “Alaska” days, mixed with psychotic circus break ups. The longest song on the album Silent Flight Parliament, which not so coincidently my favourite song is like “The Great Misdirect” feeling. So why make all these songs reminding the fan/listener of other albums? Because they took the best parts and reminded us that they still rock but in a new and exciting way!

Besides the music itself being something of pure genius, the production quality is astounding. The subtle nuances in each emotional part are amazing ranging from something. So simple, as a piano melody with some singing to something awesomely ridiculous as a surfer music esque part, it all sounds audibly great! Which nowadays, in a lot of recordings in the genre metal, are few and far to come by. To me as a musician especially a guitarist, tone is everything, so listening to a lead or solo that sounds so nice to the ear is always so sweet to hear.

Now for being such a huge fan, it is really hard to judge this album negatively at all so i really had to try hard in order to see the things I didn't like. First things first are the random minute and a half to 2 minute long songs. I understand intro's and such but when I see a track listing of 12 songs I expected 12 songs at least being 3 and half minutes or longer each especially coming from a band with songs that are up to 17 minutes each! So they really could of just threw them on the beginning of the other long songs or combined them into one and had a few less tracks. The only other thing I could point out is something that I have always thought throughout their career which is the screaming could be a little bit more diverse, but that is it really. But all the leads are mind blowing as usual, as well as the fabulous solos which include so many different styles which include, blues, jazz and soul. The fill riffs are always what really take the cake in the band, which is no different on this album. And like I said previously, the keyboards seem to be so much more thought out and well prepared. Though knowing so much of their music in the past I don't think I will ever get past “Colours” as my favourite album.

So for any BTBAM fans out there, I guarantee you are going to love this album and for any new listeners it is definitely an album that can help you become a fan. I have been listening to them since “Alaska” so it’s been non-stop anticipation since then. With “The Parallax II: Future Sequence” due out on October 9, I know I have been wanting a copy of it as soon as it drops. This album will excite your ears as well as your minds. I strongly recommend it to whoever loves the most kind of progressive music out there!

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