Monday, October 15, 2012

Review of "A Bit Of Devil" by Zodiac

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1. A Bit Of Devil
2. Carnival
3. Blue Jean Blues
4. Horrorvision
5. Assembly Line
6. Thunder
7. Diamond Shoes
8. Coming Home
9. Dying Done (instrumental bonus track)

Once Drummer Janosch Rathmer (Long Distance Calling) started jamming with guitar-wizard Nick van Delft in 2010 both decided that the songs that rose from their sessions had to meet the ears. So they soon joined forces with Stephan Gall (Guitar) and Robert Kahr (Bass, Organ) (both play also in Rocketchief) to form the blues driven, heavy and sometimes psychedelic rock-formation that should go by the name of ZODIAC.

The four musicians combine a longtime experience in the game and a common will to create interesting music. You can hear the influences of the classics: Zeppelin, Sabbath, Thin Lizzy and Maiden just to name a few.

But it is more than that:
ZODIAC’s songs live on their performers’ passion for handmade, pure and inspiring music. Willing to bring their tunes to the people, ZODIAC want to play live as much as possible. This urge already allowed them to share the stage with Graveyard and Church of Misery — but they want a lot more! And now that the first five songs found their way to the recording studio (you can hear the results at this very moment) it is time to set the course...

The album has a really nostalgic heavy metal feel and it shows as soon as it starts with “A Bit Of Devil.” The vocals really fit the part and the bass riffs were really amazing. The lead guitar had a nice flow, especially when harmonized with the rhythm. The drums in “Carnival” were awesome with all the fills. The guitars are really catchy with the lead and the mellow part had a great lead which turns into a equally good solo. Next up is one of my favourites, “Blue Jean Blues,” and the song title wasn't kidding about the blues influence as the guitars are very much so of that style. Even the vocals take from the blues genre and the solos are very nostalgic towards the old style. I really do hope Nick van Delft found his blue jeans. This track makes you feel like your in a marijuana smoke filled bar in the 80s.

Bringing you a really great groovy mix of guitar riffs and bass lines is the next track, “Horrorvision.” The vocals are great as well, the guitar effect three quarters through sounded really awesome and the lead, rhythm, and bass after all sounded perfect together. The guitars on “Assembly Line” were very catchy, with great mix of heavier and softer parts. The main riff is really amazing with the short lick at the end and the lead parts and solos were great as well. This was definitely another of my favourites. “Thunder” is a very nice acoustic piece with nice vocals accompanying it. When the electric guitar comes in it gets really Wild West feeling. This is a very amazing track.

The old school heavy metal groove in “Diamond Shoes” is incredible. It is very catchy and well done with the lead guitar riffs and solo. “Coming Home” feels like it should be called the last track and it’s a long, coming in at ten minutes long. The organ sounding keys and lead guitar with the vocals accompanying them is very perfect. It is a really chilled out, mostly mellow track with heavier parts and great solo and lead breaks. There is nothing like a bonus instrumental track to end the album and that is what “Dying Done” brings. This track is a very good showcase of the guitarists’ talents showing off amazing riffs, leads, and harmonized bits.

Ever since my first listen to this album, I have not been able to stop listening to it. This album is amazing and should not be ignored. With masterpieces like “Blue Pants Blues”, “Assembly Line”, and “Thunder,” Nick van Delft shows impressive vocal skills as well as guitars accompanied by Stephan Gall and Robert Kahr on bass. Janosch Rathmer’s drumming is not to go unappreciated either as without him this album would not be perfect. I highly recommend picking this album up, as it is something that every metal listener would listen to.

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