Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review of "DEMOn" by Livid and the Bloodthirsty

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1. Gear Up
2. Life Balanced Upon a Knife’s Edge
3. This Scene’s Too Pre Teen
4. Senseless Debauchery
5. Hemophillic Hysteria

Formed in early 2011, Livid and the Bloodthirsty have since strived to concoct an eclectic yet coherent strain of metal. Prior band mates Lloyd Petch (bass guitar), Joe Baldasio (lead guitar), and Sandy Thomson (rhythm guitar) rejoined forces, and were greatly strengthened by the addition of Jonny Ancheta (vocals, guitar) and Brad Petch (drums) to the outfit. Their musical endeavours turned down a more sinister and brutal trajectory, plunging them headlong into the realm of metal. As they scavenged the skeletal Brampton music scene, and rapidly expanded into Toronto the band played many shows at prolific venues including the El Mocambo, Velvet Underground, Sound Academy, the Opera House, and the Rockpile, among others. Shows in support of metal heavyweights Cryptopsy, The Agonist, and most recently Kill Devil Hill were most notable. They have also been featured in local news outlets and respected metal blogs. The summer of 2012 was mostly divided between the stage and the studio for the and, whose five-son debut EP was recorded during this time, and is now on the eve of its release. Their progress has only fuelled their aspiration, and the band now aims to take their act on tour, and continue to record increasingly heavy and complex music. For more information on Livid and the Bloodthirsty, visit or contact them by email at

This album starts off with really old school guitars on the track “Gear Up.” The newer metal styles growls and screams make it have a nice mix of heavy metal riffs and death metal vocals. The part in the middle is more death metal, but you can still hear some older influences. The lead in the breakdown bit was awesome and made it enjoyable. “Life Balanced Upon a Knife’s Edge” starts off on an extremely badass part, mostly because of the impressive old school style vocal pitch. This track is a little more on the brutal side and the vocals are a lot dirtier. The solos are really nice and the riffs are really catchy, there is also a groovy breakdown near the end.

Keeping the groove going is “This Scene’s Too Pre Teen.” The drums and bass are amazing in the beginning and it gets even more so with the guitar accompanying it. The lead diddle was cool and there is a great blast beats as well. Bringing a great mix of technical and chugging bits is “Senseless Debauchery,” which flowed great with the screams and growls respectively. The riffs are catchy and there is another groovy technical breakdown, with a very moshtastic part after it. The second breakdown was more enjoyable and the vocals are most impressive on this track. Finishing the album off in a really in your face brutality style is “Hemophillic Hysteria” It is another stellar track vocal wise and the guitars are awesome as well and induce punching of the elderly. The slow breakdown with fast paced vocals was epic as well. 

This is another one of those locals that I wish I’ve known about. They are filled with awesome and deliver in the greatest way possible. Be it old school riffs, brutal breakdowns, technical diddles, screams, or growls they have perfected their style to the max. I definitely recommend picking their stuff up whenever it is available and also checking them out live.

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