Thursday, October 4, 2012

Review of "Embers And Revelation" by Weapon

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1. The First Witnesses Of Lucifer
2. Vanguard Of The Morning Star
3. Crepuscular Swamp, Unhinged Swine
4. Liber Lilith
5. Grotesque Carven Portal
6. Embers And Revelations
7. Disavowing Each In Aum
8. Shahenshah

“After two stellar albums of filthy blackened death metal, Bangladesh by way of Canada’s WEAPON make their blasphemous Relapse debut with ‘Embers and Revelations’.  Sounding like an unholy mutation of Bathory and Morbid Angel, WEAPON plummet even further south of heaven with ‘Embers and Revelations’, invoking aural images of the legends of the first wave of classic black and death metal but with a uniquely Eastern slant.  Make way for the new heathens of darkness, as WEAPON present to the hordes one gloriously punishing collection of instantly classic blackened death metal with ‘Embers and Revelations’.”

“The First Witnesses Of Lucifer” really set the tone with its in your face blackened death feel. It was a very brutal track to open up the album and the solo added to the epic beginning. The slower part half way through, “Vanguard Of The Morning Star”, was great and the next bit played with faster strumming was nice. There is another awesome solo on this track and I really liked the vocals. A good intro starts off “Crepuscular Swamp, Unhinged Swine.” This track is full of catchy riffs, the solo half way was nice, as well as another short one near the end.

The guitar, bass, and drums had a really amazing flow in the intro of “Liber Lilith.” Brutality follows with great solos and lead guitar. I like the vocal chant three quarters the way through. The following track, “Grotesque Carven Portal,” is a very short but grim instrumental with great lead, solo, and chugs. The guitars on the title track, “Embers And Revelations,” are more blackened than the rest of the album in my opinion. The "hail" chant, as well as the following riffs was very dark sounding.

“Disavowing Each In Aum” brought really catchy leads and accompanying rhythm parts. The nice mellow bit half with the guitar and bass was a great lead up to the riff after, which was quite grim. It seems as they saved the best for last. The riff to open this ending track, “Shahenshah,” was really grim. This track definitely has the best guitars and a good solo as well. The low chant at the end and the grim riff was a nice way to finish the album.

This album is a must get album for album blackened death listeners, especially those who enjoy the likes of Watain, Behemoth, Mayhem, and Marduk. It is an honour to also say the guys are Canadian, by way of Edmonton, Alberta. It is nice to have a band of such a genre come out of the cold North. I definitely recommend this album.

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