Monday, October 8, 2012

Review of "X" by The 69 Eyes

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1. Love Runs Away
2. Tonight
3. Black
4. If You Love Me The Morning After
5. Red
6. I Love The Darkness In You
7. Borderline
8. I'm Ready
9. I Know What You Did Last Summer
10. When A Love Comes To An End

"I just saw "The Dark Knight Rises" and realized that THE 69 EYES is like Batman: we always rise and return - our only mission being to save Gotham City and serve its people. Everybody else is gone, nobody does it better & someone's got to do it. So, sunglasses on and here we go again: the Helsinki Vampires are BACK!"
- Jyrki69

Some 22 years later after forming, in the world without THE RAMONES or TYPE O
NEGATIVE, THE 69 EYES release their 10th studio album. To celebrate their long existence, the band has decided to name the album as Roman tenth, "X". It also has ten songs. In the world where albums mattered, the 10th album of THE ROLLING STONES was "Exile on Main St." And indeed "X" is also a turning point for THE 69 EYES. It clearly starts something new. Once again it sounds completely fresh and ambitious. It's more melodic than its predecessor, Hollywood-made glam metallic "Back In Blood". It's also the most catchy and hooky goth 'n' roll you have ever heard - no wonder since the album's made under the supervision of the Swedish pop orientated production team called On The Verge. The team of Pat Phoenix and Joakim Övrenius has been co-writing with THE 69 EYES before; songs like "Never Say Die" and "Perfect Skin" have been written with them, but it was until now that the Helsinki Vampires felt it was the right time to move their coffins to Stockholm and record the entire album there.

"This is our "Made in Sweden" album. We've considered Stockholm as one of our home towns really for a long, so it was about the time! It was also the time to bring back the more melodic side of ours, so with On The Verge guys that was perfect too. Lyric wise I thought to get also more personal since I had the chance to exploit my classic "My Babe Left Me" situation, so that's where the real melancholy comes from this time," says the singer, Jyrki69. The 10th 69 EYES album was recorded in Stockholm and Helsinki during the spring of 2012. It was produced by Swedish team On The Verge and mixed by Stefan Boman (KENT, THE HELLACOPTERS, BACKYARD BABIES). It takes THE 69 EYES' goth 'n' roll sound back to their highlights decade ago of their albums like "Blessed Be" and "Paris Kills", yet rising the singer Jyrki's voice as the main statement of the record. The man in black is back. THE 69 EYES rise. Again.

Not being very familiar with The 69 Eyes I wasn’t sure what to expect. At first I wasn’t a fan of the vocals and it took me half the song for the vocals to grow on me, Jyrki’s vocals are great for this style. The first track, “Love Runs Away,” is a really heavy but catchy gothic style track. “Tonight,” the next track, is pretty mellow. Not much to really say about it, the vocals are really the main focus as it was stated in the information above. The other members really didn’t get much of a spotlight on this one. The intro build up to start off “Black” was pretty cool. The guitars on this were great and the bass line a little more was short but awesome. It was probably one of my favourites on this album.

“If You Love Me The Morning After” was really relaxing with the duo of keyboard and lead guitar. This is another great track for vocals, as well as another favourite. Bringing a great mix of soft guitar bits and heavier bits is the next track, “Red.’ Again the vocals really shine through the most, so there isn’t much else to say really. “I Love The Darkness In You” is most likely my favourite. I really like the leads and keyboard on it and it’s a very catchy track. Even the bass has some notable bits and it is finally a track that has equal notability between members. Jyrki’s vocals are the best on the album on this track.

I got a very southern vibe from the guitars on the next track, “Borderline.” Something about the southern and gothic combination is really enjoyable. There is also a great solo lead bit a little more than half way through. The intro of “I'm Ready” is a little weird. The track is really old school glam in its style. The solo is really great as well and I’m not sure who does the female vocals on this. “I Know What You Did Last Summer” bring mellow guitars, although they maintain their heavy feel. There isn’t much really to say about this track but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad track. Ending the album on a good note is “When A Love Comes To An End.” The guitars are nice and relaxing and the vocals follow suit. It was a nice mellow way to finish off the album.

Not knowing what to expect, on my first listen I really wasn’t a fan since I’m not fond of the genre. After only listening to the first minute, I stopped listening. Most likely because I wasn’t in the mood to review and I regret doing so. The second listen through Jyrki’s vocals grew on me and I enjoyed the album. I kind of wish the other members had more spotlight time, but it may just be this album that is like that. This is a great album if you enjoy gothic style heavy metal. I will definitely listen to this album, but I think I’ll have to be in the right mood to do so.

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