Monday, November 5, 2012

Review of "Malicious Mind" by Godlike

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1. Showdown
2. Reason for My Rage
3. Sickness
4. Meth
5. Original Rebels
6. Confrontation
7. Shi No Negai
8. Behind the Gates
9. Artificial Eminence
10. Greed
11. The Story of Sandra Jones

Godlike is an alternative metal band from Finland. They`ve been subscribed to be a unique band that has a lot of skills in writing versatile songs. In band contests they`ve had comments like: "the fluent rapping and growling is phenomenal", "your playing was superb" and even the A&R representative of Emi Music Finland praised their stage presence.

This year they will record their debut album. The album will be distributed by Inverse Records. The band will also release a music video (or two) to promote the upcoming release. You can purchase your own cd (worldwide) from amazon,, spotify etc. or download it digitally. The album will be published in October 2012.

Godlike was formed in 2008. They all had been playing for years in different groups (in some cases they had 65% of the current members playing in those same bands) and when all the other projects didn`t work out…well: Godlike was born. Ilkka and Jussi had an idea to form a metal band. They needed a bass player so they asked Ilkka`s brother Ismo to join the band. At this point it wasn`t very clear what kind of metal music the band should compose. They needed a vocalist but could`t think of one. One day it hit them: they asked Jarkko to join the band as a lead guitarist and Jussi switched the guitar into singing. Now they needed a drummer and Jussi decided to ask Rami if he was willing to play drums. It had been nearly 6 years since Rami had played in a band (in which Jussi was playing bass guitar back then) but he was very anxious on returning behind the drumset again.

After the very first rehearsals it was obvious they`ve found their "power group".
Many reviews have ended in a phrase: "I hope these guys get a record deal". Well, now the album is on it`s way and there is a lot of electricity in the air. The band itself wishes to get more live shows and tours with the album and the fans seem to be holding their breath to hear how the new songs will sound like…

Starting this album off on a high note is “Showdown,” bringing a combination of old school thrash flows with newer melodic death metal riffs and screams. It’s a shorter track but had me excited to hear the rest of the album. It is very hard not to head bob to “Reason for My Rage” with the faster thrash and the groove-tastic riffs. The drums give off a bit of a punk/post-hardcore style. It is definitely a catchy track and the mix of clean vocals and screams is great. Bringing guitars that are incredible and hard to get out of your head is the next track, “Sickness.” The vocals felt a little like rap-metal or some nu-metal, but the way it flowed along with the guitars is too catchy to hate on.

The chugging on the riffs and bass lines make “Meth” have a groove that is undeniably amazing. The fast paced vocals are great, accompanying those parts and the riff near the end of the track is nice as well. “Original Rebels” gave me a southern hardcore feel to it, which was interesting in my opinion. The guitars on the this track were badass. The vocals on “Confrontation” really shows off the quicker style vocals and the whole feel reminds me of Drowning Pool a little bit. Also, I am pretty sure they rhymed bible with pie-hole, in which case they have sold me on that alone. The next track, “Shi No Negai, ” starts with really interesting ambient electronic that goes into with a stellar bass riff. When the guitars accompany it sounds perfect. Some of the guitar bits had an old heavy metal feel to them.

“Behind the Gates” has nice mellow guitar and relaxing vocals to start, it really makes you feel as if it is a ballad but then it gets into the heavier stuff again. At least you can hear he has the vocal talent to do such though. A nice drum intro and effected guitar starts off the next track, “Artificial Eminence.” Godlike really have the whole rap metal thing down, and know how to make it catchy. The guitars on “Greed” are really groovy and the solo is nice as well. The mix of clean and scream vocals on this track is great as well. Ending the album is an interesting change of vocal styling on “The Story of Sandra Jones”, they’re clean but were different than the faster paced vocals which was a nice. It was a little more of a mellow track and the guitars were good as well.

This album brings in a lot of great talent and it is great to see that they have been picked up by a record label. Jussi Lahtinen’s vocals have a great mix and a talent fast pace feel at some points. My only problem is that, in my opinion, they need more screams. Ilkka Nieminen and Jarkko Nyman bring very catchy riffs and along with Ismo Nieminen on bass created some groovy pieces. Rami Alanko also brings drumming which add to the perfect flow. Now, as much I praised them, I do believe they could use a little more screaming. Instead of using a clean rap style like Disturbed, Korn, and Slipknot, why not give more force behind it and make it more akin to Pantera? It may benefit the band, it may not, that is just my thought and I may have liked it a little more it was more Pantera like, seeming how the southern feel is already there.

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