Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Review of "Conceived In Sewage" by Devourment

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1. Legalize Homicide
2. Fifty Ton War Machine
3. Conceived In Sewage
4. Fucked With Rats
5. March to Megiddo
6. Today We Die, Tomorrow We Kill
7. Heaving Acid
8. Carved Into Ecstasy
9. Parasitic Eruption

Dallas, Texas’s DEVOURMENT are without question extreme metal’s most brutal purveyor’s of filth.  With a rabid following throughout the world, DEVOURMENT’s return to the scene with their Relapse debut ‘Conceived In Sewage’ is bar none the most punishing record of 2013.  Every aspect of this record is thoroughly and awesomely depraved—from it’s monstrously slamming and catchy riffs to the disgusting lyrics burped out of lead growler Mike Majewski’s throat to the absolutely abhorrent album art to the over the top production by Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal).  ‘Conceived In Sewage’ is pure, hateful, muscle bound death-metal---exactly what you’ve been waiting for.  This is the kind of record your mother warned you about. 

Sludgy greatness starts this album off with face punching grooves and powerful drumming with the track “Legalize Homicide,” and bringing dirty slams on this as well.  I never really liked or gave Devourment a chance, but this track alone made me a fan. Sick blast beats and fast gnarly riffs make the next track, “Fifty Ton War Machine,” incredible. The gut wrenching vocals and awesome slammy grooves also make your ears bleed on this. “Conceived In Sewage,” title track, might be one of my favourites. It is very catchy the way it flows and the riffs are fantastic. Also, it has a great combination of slow slam and in your face shreds. The track title of this next one is just as brutal as the music, as “Fucked With Rats” gives you dirty melodies and slow chugs. It is definitely another favourite of mine off this album.

An epic instrumental, “March to Megiddo,” comes next with sirens in the background as the drums do a snare march beat and the guitars melt your ears with chugs. “Today We Die, Tomorrow We Kill” makes me want to mosh until my apartment is reduced to rubble. It is such a sick track, with speed, precision, and slam, bringing you the best Devourment has to offer. With grim riffage and gruelling vocals, “Heaving Acid,” brings you an excellent listen. It’s mostly about the slam but that makes this track so good. Another track to tear your ears apart with the sick riffs and dirty vocals is “Carved Into Ecstasy.” When the snare and guitar share rhythm, I thought it sounded really badass. Definitely an eruption of many sorts is “Parasitic Eruption,” as this album ending track explodes as it gives you everything you know and love from Devourment. It smacks you in the face while you throw down to their slams and mosh to their shreds.

Through high school, I wasn’t very big into the death side of the metal genre. Although I did dabble into Disgorge and Cryptopsy, I didn’t enjoy overly brutal bands back then. Opening up to all sorts of subgenres of metal, I have found a new liking for death metal and the speed and slams that come with it. Devourment gives you both of those things and do it with such elegance and perfection which sums up their talent on this album, “Conceived In Sewage.” If you haven’t checked this album out already, I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

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