Sunday, January 23, 2011

100 Pots Shops Legitimized in L.A., Horses Baptized By Fire, Lolita Draws Self-Potatoes

100 Lucky Pot Shops Will Be Allowed To Stay Open In L.A.

There was a vote passed in Los Angeles to allow one hundred pot shops to stay open. It will be done through a lottery and only those shops that were open before September 24th, 2007 would be eligible for this. When the shops are given the right to stay open, they will be moved and reopened in an area that is deemed appropriate for people to see it. This is a good idea because we really don't need these shops in areas with children in them. That really isn't my issue though. If one hundred pot shops are allowed to be open, why not allow them all. While you're at it, why not just legalize pot anyway. Its getting to the point that it isn't a crime anymore plus in all honesty, if the government taxed weed that is sold legally, there would be no deficit. Apparently some of the shops that opened after the date above are suing the city. Instead of suing the city, they should try working with it to legalize pot altogether. Some of the shops that had opened before that date had to close down due to business, reopened again after the date, and aren't eligible for the lottery. They tried to allow the original hundred-thirty-five shops to stay open if they followed Los Angeles rules, but a judge in December said, "it wasn't fair to shops that might have been confused by a 2007 deadline to file to stay open in the city or face a moratorium". Los Angeles Times calculated that under a new ordinance, only about
forty pot shots ultimately would have been allowed to stay open as a result of managment change and being too close to churches and schools. Thee city knew that their budget woudn't have the resources to legitimize the pot shops any other way then this lottery system, but if you ask me they should have just kept them all open.

Horses Baptized By Fire

I don't have much to say about this, but it did catch my eye. Horses being baptized in fire seems kind of dangerous to me but apparently it is a annual event in San Bartholome de Los Pinares, Spain on January 16. What they do is ride their horses through bonfires which are called "Luminarias", which is a practice that is meant to "purify and bring protection" to the horses. They are also sprinkle holy water, for religious reasons. Saint Anthony is the patron saint of animals, but if I was this so called saint, I'd not want to harm animals. I just thought I'd bring this up because I just find the whole idea of jumping animals through fire ridiculous.

That was today's blog and I am hoping some better news comes out tomorrow. I leave you with some dumb game contestant trying to solve a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune, her name is... Lolita.

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