Monday, January 24, 2011

Kevin Smith retiring, The Big Four Touring U.S. (hopefully Canada), Nintendo Doesn't Like J Biebs, L.A. Noire Release Date, Suicidal Swedish Twins

Kevin Smith Retiring After "Hit Somebody"

Kevin Smith has made it official that he is retiring after his next movie Hit Somebody. He confirmed that he will retire as a director after his next film project at the Sundance Film Festival. Katey Rich is sourced to say that he will help others make films, instead of directing his own. Kevin Smith is one of my favourite directors and View Askew made some very entertaining movies, some of which had a few big names in them. Jay and Silent Bob will be my favourite characters of his along side Dante and
Randall. Clerks was my favourite movie in the list of movies Kevin Smith had directed. All of his movies, yet comical, gave a life lesson in some ways or another I think and I will miss his directing.

The Big Four

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax are soon to invade the United States with a "Big Four" tour. The dates will be announces soon. I for one won't go to this concert, well I might but who knows, but for all of us in Canada I hope they have some dates. The two-disc set of "The Big Four: Live From Sofia, Bulgaria" has been certified as a double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of
America for shipping one hundred thousand copies. It also debuted at number one on the Billboard "Top Music Videos" in November, as well as debuting in Canada, the U.K. and Austria at number one and Germany at number four. This show was a part of a two week tour of Europe with the "Big Four". Lars told The Pulse of Radio that he was glad to see it finally happened and said "It's pretty amazing if you think about it, that it's the first time basically in 25 years or 30 or whatever that the four of us have actually played shows together, so it was a lot of fun, a lot of memories, a lot of fun times — new fun times, and fun times talking about the old fun times. So it sort of was a, it was a winner on every front." Here is a picture of the tour logo with link

Nintendo Dislikes Justin Bieber

Apparently Justin Bieber asked Nintendo if he could use a sound clip from the ever so popular Super Mario Brothers theme for his upcoming 3D concert with documentary called Just Bieber: Never Say Never. They declined the permission to use the clip and I think it is hilarious that they did. It led to John Chu the director of the documentary to recently tweet: "aw C'mon Nintendo! Y won't u let us use the Mario theme for 15 secs in the about free advertising passed up. Oops".I'm sorry there Mister Chu but with that grammar I'm questioning your proportionality as a documenter as well as taking anything serious. Also, the Super Mario series has done well enough without the advertising of it with the aid of Bieber. I guess it looks like Nintendo is not suffering from Bieber Fever, sorry Biebs.

L.A. Noire Coming May 17th

L.A. Noire by Rockstar Games is being released on May 17th and it is looking very good. It is more of a detective style game, which I think is new to Rockstar Games. L.A.Noire is based in post World War Two time in Los Angeles. You play as Cole Phelps who is a policeman trying to track down a killer and bring them to justice. I think it will play like the CSI games but with better graphics and quality and also have some shooting and gun fights incorporated in it. This game also may be the first game, that I know of anyway, to bring the meaningfulness of facial expressions in the characters in game to a who new level. I am not sure how this will be involved in the game yet for sure, but I do believe that your suspect's expressions will help you bring the case to justice. Here is the latest trailer.

That was my blog for the day, I hope you liked it. Please comment below on whether or not you like longer articles with less topics and more writing or more topics with less writing. That's it for me tonight, I leave you with this video of some crazy twins trying to get away from police by way of  suicide.

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