Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Esoteric Doctrine Interview By Wheeling Rampage Productions

For new listener's sake. What's your band name, who are your members and where are you from?

We are Esoteric Doctrine. A three piece metal band from Orillia, Ontario, Canada. Compiling the thunderous beats of percussionist Alex Reid, the quaking rumbles of bassist Shawn "Cheddarr" Aerends, and the lightning speed guitar and demonic vocals of Max Kane.

How did the band form?

Esoteric Doctrine originally began with Max Kane and Aaron Mangoff. Once the two had enough original material, Aaron brought in drummer Alex Reid and Max brought in original bassist Kyle Cotter. After recording our 2009 debut EP "Celestial Surroundings of Aerial Endings" Kyle became overwhelmed with personal responsibility he left. Alex Reid then introduced Shawn Aerends as a bass player and the band officially reformed as Esoteric Doctrine. At the end of 2010 Aaron felt as if he was holding the band back and also departed with the group.

I know you have had a loss of a band member, but I would have called you a hybrid metal band. You seem to have a mix of metal in your sound. Who are your inspirations and what genre do you think you sound like?

Our influences aren't just only bands. But also political and world events. We enjoy many bands and genres of metal, but we refuse to be classified under a single genre. If you've listen to all of our available material you will hear death metal, black metal, power metal, melodic metal, hardcore, alternative prog metal. Esoteric Doctrine is totally metal.

Some of your lyrics and songs seem to have a politcal view, can you tell me what songs like Police State mean to you?

All of our lyrics are based on politics, political views, governments, sovereigns, dictatorships, communism, and especially war and death. The song Police State particularly was inspired by the G20 meeting that took place in Toronto. The term Police State is power that is given to a Police or private company force that is temporarily legal for a police for to cary out acts under marshal law that would usually be illegal. One verse in Police State is "A government that now can decide when your rights are in affect."

What is your favourite venue and what city has the sickest crowd?

Esoteric Doctrine has had the privilege of playing many venues. Some very nice, some not so much. Some of the nicest venues we have played are The Mansion, Barrie Ont. Foxx Lounge, Barrie Ont. The Rockpile, Toronto Ont and Algonquin University in Ottawa Ont. A nice venue doesn't always mean a great crowd. Some of the best crowds we have had were in Barrie, Hamilton, Cobourg, Ajax, Peterborough, and from what I understand our upcoming performance on March 12 2011 at the Green Bottle Oshawa is highly anticipated.

Do you have anything you'd like to say?

We want to thank everyone that has joined our facebook, subscribed on youtube, bought merchandise, and those who have came back for a second and third time to see us play live. Be sure to visit and