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10 Technology Warnings You Missed, Craigslist Car Buyer Victimized, One Facebook Setting You Will Want To Change, Dennis Kucinich Sues Over Sandwich

Hello everyone, I hope  you enjoyed that extra interview last night with Esoteric Doctrine from Orillia, Ontario. I may do more interviews soon, might even just do more than local bands, we'll see. I'd also just like to say thanks for your support with the reading. It helps motivate me continue blogging, as usually I get bored of this real quick, so continue to support me! Now for your
daily news.

Ten Funny And Real Technology Warnings You May Have Missed,3253,l%253D259711%2526a%253D259715%2526po%253D0,00.asp?p=n

Nintendo is coming out with a new next generation hand held system called the Nintendo 3DS. This sounds fun and entertaining especially for children, except for one technology problem. This device could possibly physically harm children's eyes. Nintendo has published a warning already before the
product launch that states children under the age of six should not use the 3DS in 3D mode for the fear and or reality of vision damage. My question is, what is the point of a 3D hand held system if it is being advised to use it in 2D mode or for short periods of time?

The Nintendo was the first gaming company to bring out motion censored controlled to the market with the Nintendo Wii. They also showed you warnings everything you play to remind you how to hold the controller while you play. Many people forget the little strap that goes around your wrist and it ends up in smacked face, broken objects, and no television to play on. Here's a video of examples of forgetting the above warning.

To follow our Nintendo trend going here, the Virtual Boy is another victim of bad gaming ideas. When I first saw this picture I thought it was a printer but I understand it now. Not only is difficult to set up but the system came with the warning, "This product MUST NOT be used by children under the age of seven (7) years." Seems like Nintendo has a trend of missing out on their now most popular age group of players.

Microsoft is another company who has funny motion sensor warnings. The Kinect for X-Box 360 is a new generation of gaming that makes you the controller. No wand controllers, no wrist straps, just you. This takes gaming to a whole new level. As well as the warning which are funny, the Kinect
has had its moments of bad publicity. One of which is the fact that people were complaining that because of their skin colour they were not being recognized by the motion sensor. Microsoft has ensured us that it is just the lighting. Two warnings in the user manual for the Kinect are "Be
aware of light fixtures, fans, and other objects overhead..." and "People and objects can move into the area during game play, so always be alert to your surroundings."

Laptops all have warnings on them, but one you won't see one for the funny syndrome you get from having it on your lap. A Swiss study shows that placing a laptop on bare skin for too long can cause "Toasted Skin Syndrome", which means skin affected may appear darkened or discolored. This  syndrome is harmless in most occurrences, but in rare cases causes cancer. I guess it isn't much of a laptop if you don't want cancer!

This one is self explanatory, but I guess because people took the visual aspect of the iPod Shuffle to that of a stick of gum Apple reacted. Bad jokes about eating the Shuffle started stirring around so Apple made sure to warn everyone not to eat it.

Apparently PlayStation controllers that are not official may ignite or explode during game play so Sony released a warning telling PlayStation users to only buy official controllers. This is a quote from Sony on the situation: "Counterfeit PlayStation®3 Wireless Controllers, which are practically identical in appearance to genuine PlayStation®3 Wireless Controllers, have been discovered in the market.  SCEA advises consumers to be cautious when buying PlayStation®3 Wireless Controllers from uncertain sources as the quality, reliability and safety of counterfeit products is uncertain, and in some cases, may be dangerous. It is possible that some counterfeit product may ignite or explode, resulting in injury or damage to the user, your PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, or other property. Moreover, SCEA does not support continued functionality of counterfeit or unlicensed controllers in system software updates and these devices may cease to function in the future because of system software updates." I don't know about you, but I call shenanigans and that Sony just wanted more people to buy their controllers.

Sony has a very hilarious picture of how to use the wand for their motion censored system Move. Sony was apparently only trying to tell you that you need space to move while playing, but as the picture seems, it must have turned into an Internet meme. Its entertaining and funny to note the asterisk beside the only ineffective playing movement. As noted at the bottom, "The PlayStation Move controller is not made of materials that can kill a Dracula. Please use the wooden stake or silver dagger accessory sleeves for the PlayStation Move controller when confronted by a Dracula during game play. Children under 18 may not use the wooden stake or silver dagger accessory sleeves for the  PlayStation Move controller. Ask an adult for assistance."

The "Gamer's thumb" can now be the "BlackBerry thumb" as now texting and tweeting now cause thumb pain due to excessive typing on small buttons. PCMag is saying that if you play games on your BlackBerry, you could have "GamingBerry Thumb". Good one guys... *crickets*

Last but not least is the Star Wars Force FX Lightsaber. It looks and sounds like a real lightsaberCoruscant.

Craigslist car buyer victimized

In New York, a Brooklyn man is being accused of selling a car to someone on Craigslist on Staten Island and then going back and stealing the car he had sold a few days before. On November 16th of last year, a twenty-two year old named Jose Perez put an ad on the site selling a 2004 Nissan Maxima. Although it was a salvaged vehicle and the man used the title to another vehicle to create the forged title for the salvaged Nissan. He also went under a different alias on the title and bill of sale, as "Jose Alfonzo". Jose wanted $7 500 for the Nissan but the buyer haggled him down to $6 000. The two meet up at a mechanic's to do the sale transaction and only an hour later, the buyer called Perez and demanded his money back and said he had been sold "a lemon". Perez refused on November 19th he stole the vehicle outside the buyer's home, while the buyer was watching him from a window. Police found the Nissan in Brooklyn being driven by someone else and on Sunday, they arrest Perez who also goes by "Tito" or "Justin". He has been charged with the following: second-degree forgery, second-degree criminal possession of a forged instrument, fourth-degree grand larceny, fourth-degree criminal possession of stolen property, third-degree unauthorized use of a vehicle and false
advertising. Sometimes when buying things online you should always make sure it is not "a lemon."

One Facebook Setting You May Want To Change

Yesterday, Facebook finally found a way to keep that jerk at the public computer from hacking into your account. You may have to wait for this to option to be enable but it will help with privacy. It is a future that will start being processed today but may not be finished for a few weeks. Switching to HTTPS is important for privacy because Firesheep, a browser extension, as made it easy for anyone  sharing an open wireless network to grab you information and access your account with ease. It is said that one blogger who sat in a Starbucks in New York successfully stole twenty plus identities in a half an hour. This is a lot if many hackers continue to do so. This new secure browsing solves the problem by encrypting the cookies you create by logging in and other pages. It is also being made known that the inventor of the extension Firesheep actually made the software to make social  networking sites finally become aware of how easily it is to hack them. I guess it worked! To enable  the HTTPS on Facebook you must go to Account Settings and select "Account Security". It is said  that everyone should be able to enable the HTTPS Secured Browsing by the end of the day, but you  may be missing the option to as they are still tweaking.

Dennis Kucinich sues over sandwich,0,5062455.story

Dennis Kucinich, who is the former mayor of Cleveland and two time presidential candidate and represents Ohio's 10th district in House serving his eighth term is suing the House cafeteria operators for what he claims as negligence. Three years ago he had an incident with a sandwich that he says left him with significant dental injuries. Kucinich is trying to get $150 000 in damages from the companies running the cafeteria which was based out of the Longworth House Office Building, as well as the providers of House cafeteria. The District of Columbia Superior Court has the case filed on January 3rd and the hearing is scheduled for April 8th. The incident was in April 2008, when Kucinich purchased a sandwich wrap which he said was, "represented to contain pitted olives." After eating it, Kucinich found the olives were in fact not pitted which he says caused "serious and permanent dental and oral injuries" as well as it required "multiple surgical and dental procedures." The lawsuit also claims that Kucinich "sustained other damages" which include "significant pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment." I do not understand how a sandwich wrap can make you lose enjoyment, but I guess when you sue people for stupid reason, you have to make sure its a case worth seeing in court...  The
spokesperson for Restaurant Associates, Gina Zimmer, had confirmed the lawsuit and said, "[We] are reviewing the matter. Beyond that we don't comment on pending litigation. I guess as I can keep showing you, people sue everyone for anything. Maybe people can start making careers out of it. If you win your case, you could win a good pay cheque!

That's it for tonight, tomorrow may be a bit on the political side. That's why tonight is more of an entertaining blog. I leave you with a Kinect fail!

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