Monday, February 14, 2011

Killitorous Interview By Wheeling Rampage Productions

What is your band name? How did you come up with it?

We are called Killitorous, thats "Kill - It - Orous" or as a lot of people like to call us "kill - o - torous" hahaha. I(Aaron) came up with the name years ago as a joke....I just always thought it was a brutally hilarious name.

What is the current line-up for the band?

The current line up for the band ehhhhhh....well we've had upwards of 20 people play for us at one point or another, the way the line up currently goes as for 'permanent' is: myself(Aaron Homma) on guitars, Matt "Milky" Milford on bass and Eric Morotti on drums, and its been that way for about the last year.

How was the band formed?

The band was started years ago when I had quit my former band called "today I caught the plague" and I was writing songs with one goal in mind: heavy, techy and fast.

What genre do you consider yourselves? Does the band have any major influences?

We like to call ourselves Canadian Deathgrind....simply because we mix death metal and grindcore.....but really I feel like we throw alot of metalcore/deathcore parts(which we take some flack for hehe) so I feel like we should at times be called "coregrind".....what can I say we just love to play to extend our playing capabilities... Influences that really drive us and inspire us are bands like: Nile, Vital Remains, The Faceless, Animosity Cephalic Carnage, Necrophagist, Origin, Meshuggah and Psycroptic....pretty much we listen to everything in the avenue of "tech<place any metal style here>" hahaha

Who is the band's lyricist? Can you tell me what some songs are about?

The lyrics on our first disc were written in an odd fashion, the band sorta came up with the title an subject matter first and Bryan Lomas(our first vocalist) wrote the hilarious words you hear. Although the newer material is done somewhat similarly now I work on the lyrics with help from either the guys in the band or just musician friends, or even just friends I happen to be working with that day/week/month, for example "fecal fellatio" was named by our friend Jesse Burns about 5 years ago... The songs are all about making you have to sit in a pile of steaming fecal matter, because you shit your pants laughing listening to the disc..

Where have you performed? Have you ever opened for any major headliners?

We have sorta played all over, we've played with a ton of awesome bands like: Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Misery Index, Unexpect, See you Next Tuesday and many more....

What do you see the band doing this year?

This year we are planning on recording a new album and doing some tours, mostly you guys can expect a new album....

What gear and equipment do you use?

We use alot of gear, I mean ALOT so we will mention what really matters, we play Indie guitars. The album was done with these and we play em' live, we love those guitars. Also Vaudou drums, we used these in the studio and we use them at every show.

Any final comments?

Check out "pretend to make babies" available everywhere, and come see us when we are pillaging through a town near you!