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8 Year Old Brock Lesnar In The Making, Professional Wrestling’s Gnarliest Injuries, Intruder Calls Police When Homeowners Come Home, Star Wars Stormtrooper Copright Battle Replica Helmets Reaches Supreme Court, Magnetic North Shift Of 40 Miles A Year May Be Signalling Pole Reversal, Lady Gaga Fan Statistics Infograph, L.A. Noire Trailer: Investigation And Interrogation, FailBlog: Moving Car Jump Fail

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoy this blog. It will be extremely long, since I have surgery tomorrow and they are keeping me over night to make sure everything goes well. I did an interview with Manahan, you can see it here. Now time for a large amount of news!

8 Year Old Brock Lesnar In The Making

Stevo Moulin is an eight year old and is a champion wrestler from Schuylerville, New York. He has become quite known from the YouTube video below of him destroying opponents left and right. I’d say he is a Brock Lesnar in the making. He sports a Mohawk which makes him that more menacing and he has a well rounded skill when it comes to mat wrestling. One thing that is important to note that is, if you watch his feet its like he is trying to intimidate his opponents. I can see this guy going pro in ten years if he keeps up in this sport. Kudos Stevo Moulin

Professional Wrestling’s Gnarliest Injuries

Yes wrestling is scripted and the moves do not hurt if they go as planned but as this post, sometimes moves get messed up. They have 25 botches and bumps that have injured wrestlers. I will not bore you and post them all but I will show you a few that I know look like they could injure a man. I also want to say Rest In Peace to Mituharu Misawa who has been the latest victim of a move that went wrong. He died in the ring after a suplex went wrong.

1. Back in the day when Mick Foley was wrestling Vader as Cactus Jack. He lost most of his ear lobe. Go to 7:30 to see it.
2. Vader was also in a match with Stan Hansen, in which Hansen popped Vader’s eye out.
3. In a fatal four way tag team ladder match the Hardy’s went for a ladder spot on Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. I do not know if this is real or not but the amount of blood is insane. Mercury took the ladder to the face and he had to leave the match because of the injury.
4. In 2001, Sid Vicious broke his leg in the most cringing injury in wrestling history for its time. He was going for an aerial big boot but came down on him left foot wrong and it broke his tibia and fibula
5. Vic Grimes was facing of New Jack in a rematch for Xtreme Pro Wrestling. Grimes was supposed to fall through twelve tables but only went throough one and the bounced off the ring ropes
6. I know Vince only tore his quadriceps but he no-sold the injury and even pretended as if it was his plan to just sit there.

Intruder Calls Police When Homeowners Come Home

Timothy James Chapek was having a shower in a Washington Park home, the house he had reportedly broken into. He called 911, Monday at 7PM and told dispatchers what he had done. He was worried that the homeowner outside the bathroom door might have been wielding a gun and obviously heard two German shepherds as well. The homeowner was also on the phone with 911 dispatchers confirming the trespasser’s story. When the homeowner and her daughter came home from the grocery story, she heard a man’s voice coming from the bathroom. The woman had told her daughter to leave while she yelled outside of the bathroom, demanding to know who was in her house. The man gave his name and then the woman said she was calling the police. The man, very stupidly, said he was doing the same. Portland Police Bereau’s Central Precinct officers responded and arrested Chapek. He told the police that he was just taking a shower. Chapek was booked and face charges for first-degree criminal trespass. You can view both calls to the police on the link above.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Copright Battle Replica Helmets Reaches Supreme Court

On Sunday, the Supreme Court had to consider a pondering question that only ever troubled the biggest Star Wars fans. It was whether the Imperial stormtrooper helmet is a work of art. It was a legal dispute over the rights of Andrew Ainsworth, a British designer who made the original props, to sell replicas from his West London store. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, claims that the designer is breaching copyright and is also appealing the High Court decision to allow Ainsworth to sell copies of the stormtrooper costume for 1 800 pounds. In previous hearings it was determined that the costumes are functional rather than the work of artists. Three Court of Appeal judges had dismissed the appeal by the United States film-makers who wanted to see the sales stopped in December of 2009. In 2008, George Lucas took Ainsworth to the High Court but a London judge ruled that the suits were not pieces of artwork and therefore were not covered by copyright law. This meant damages award in the United States courts could not be enforced in the United Kingdom. There is no way for George Lucas and Lucasfilm to claim any compensation for the replica Stormtroopers being sold by Ainsworth in the United States. The hearing is set for three days before the Supreme Court justices an after that they will announce their decision on a date that is not announced as of yet. This ruling will be related to the copyright protection provided by English law to the “three-dimensional works” and if a claim that United States copyright law has been infringed “is justiciable in England.”

Magnetic North Shift Of 40 Miles A Year May Be Signaling Pole Reversal          

Experts believe that the magnetic north pole is shifting at a faster rate now than ever before in history at 40 miles a year. This might be the beginning of a complete pole reversal and the changes are becoming known. It is causing problems for air-crafts, navigation and even the animals that migrate because they use the Earth’s magnetic field to self-orientate. Geologists have been tracking the progress of the magnetic north pole since it was discovered back in 1831. Unlike the north we use on maps, the magnetic north moves because of the changes in the planet’s molten core, it contains iron. The pole has been near Ellesmere Island in northern Canada for most of recorded history, but moving at its current speed it may not be long before it’s above Russia. The unusual thing about the pole’s movement is the speed that it is shifting. The movement has increased by a third in the past ten years and is throwing of compasses on degree every five years. The United States Federal Aviation Administration is having major headaches over the fast changes in the magnetic north. The Tampa International Airport in Florida spent a month renaming all of their runways as they were named after the degree at which they point on compasses. Changes like this were also made at other Florida airports as well as across the country. These runways have to be changed once every five years. Many different animals such as birds, turtles, and other sea creatures are being concerned over as they use the magnetic field of Earth to navigate. It is uncertain if these animals are capable of recalibrating their navigational instincts to go along with the magnetic changes. Some experts think that the rapid shifting of the magnetic north may cause the whole Earth’s magnetic field to prepare to “flip.” This would mean that all compasses would point south instead of north. Pole reversals are quit common for Earth and it typically occurs once every 400 00 years but it has been 780 000 years since our last flip. Scientists disagree that the pole reversal would affect the world’s ecosystems but alarmists have warned of a world-altering catastrophe. United States Geological Surveyor, Jeffrey Love, said this on the matter: "Reversals typically take about 10,000 years to happen and 10,000 years ago civilization did not exist. These processes are slow, and therefore we don't have anything to worry about." I don’t rule out that the pole reversal is not going to happen as it is something that regularly happens to Earth and will continue to happen overtime. There is also no such thing as global warming and this is just how the planet is going through its climate changes. I’m sure after it goes through this cycle an ice age may occur.

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed it in its longevity. Here is a picture of people who search for Lady Gaga and it is interesting to note that Lady Gaga has more followers on Twitter than J Biebz. Next is a large infograph on different statistics of the United States by state. For videos we have a new game play trailer of L.A. Noire which shows us the mechanics of investigating and interrogating. To end us off we have FailBlog’s latest video of a moving car jump fail.

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