Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review of "Galloping Blasphemy" by Satan’s Wrath

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1. Leonard Rising - Night of the Whip
2. Between Belial and Satan
3. One Thousand Goats in Sodom
4. Hail Tritone, Hail Lucifer
5. Galloping Blasphemy
6. Death Possessed
7. Death to Life
8. Slaves of the Inverted Cross
9. Satan's Wrath

“Now that the thousand-faced moon is risen, SATAN'S WRATH is upon thee... Awakened by you, the legions of Satan and blessed by the forces of the archfiend, this abominable band delivers satanic necrometal drenched in sacrificial blood. Relentless blasphemy, unholy sacraments of evil made by dwellers of the twilight, horrors that will make priests vomit in agony, abominations that the prophecies of old kept hidden!!! SATAN'S WRATH is the only band in the world in communication with thy master through ceremonial black magic and necromantic rituals. One member alone controls 13 satanic covens worldwide and organizes the most hideous sabbaths which our lord graces in the form of the black goat. So rejoice friend and companion of hell, thou who wonderest in the midst of shades among the graves, who longeths for blood and bringest horror to mortals, you child of Satan, accept our sacrifice and be one with the master of slanders!!!! BELIAL, LUCIFER, ASTAROTH!!!! Look favourably upon us!!!!This glory is for you my lords!!!!”

One of the eeriest intros I've heard in a while starts off “Leonard Rising - Night of the Whip.” The first riff is very evil sounding and the song as a really old school black metal feel which was really epic. “Between Belial and Satan” brings a really thrashy feel, with the fast paced style. The solos half way though were good as well as the ones at the end. This track is one of my favourites. The next track, “One Thousand Goats in Sodom,” starts with a sound clip that sounds as the title seems. The guitars are very enjoyable on this track

The guitars in “Hail Tritone, Hail Lucifer” are really catchy and have nice groove to them. Then second half is really sinister sounding and I loved the bass line. The title track, “Galloping Blasphemy,” is a shot instrumental showing off the very impressive skills of the guitarists with solos galore and amazing rhythm to accompany them. I liked the drumming and guitar half way through “Death Possessed.” The solos and riffs after were very impressive and well done.

Very catchy riffs and awesome lead guitar on “Death to Life.” The bass part half way was great as well, plus nice solo at the end. Eerie bass starts off “Slaves of the Inverted Cross.” Another track with great lead again, as well as duelling solo. Being the band title and last track I expected a lot from “Satan's Wrath” and was given it. There was nice groove feeling bits and was an amazing track the whole way through. The bass line half way through led up nicely to the solos after it.

This album is great for those who like old school black metal like Bathory. The guitar is really grim but also has a heavy metal feel to it. Stamos K is a very impressive guitarist and is really great at what he does. It is definitely worth a buy in my opinion!

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