Sunday, September 30, 2012

Unlucky Man Sent to Jail for Sexting, Rogue Ales Creates Brew Out of Beard Yeast, Stupidest Marriage Proposal, GoPro Captures Free-Fall From 12.5K Feet (video not safe for epileptics), Incredible Volcano Footage, iPhone 5 blueprints, Defense Written by McDonald’s cheese

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Hello everyone, this week’s news is a little late but it is here nonetheless. Before reading, here’s a quick link list to posts between the latest news and this post if you missed any.

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Unluckiest Man in the World Sent to Jail for Sexting His Entire Address Book

Have you ever accidentally sent texts of love to your whole address book?  Craig Evans, a twenty-four year old swimming teacher did! According to news source Daily Mail, the teacher recently got the new BlackBerry and its user interface was so confusing that he sent a hot text to his girlfriend. Not only did she get a text about “skin on skin” sex, but so did all of his contacts. His family got this but that is not the most embarrassing part. Craig had two underaged girls on his contact list who also got this text. He was sentenced to eighteen months but only served three because his lawyers repealed. I guess the court were nice considering the story of this and how technologically impaired Craig Evans is, so they let him out early. Let this be a lesson to all phone users!

Beard Beer: Rogue Ales Creates Brew Out Of Yeast From Brewmaster John Maier's Facial Hair

As the video above describes, an Oregon brewmaster has been adding a secret ingredient to his recipe: beard yeast. Newport based brewer and pub, Rogue Ales, is developing an ale made out of the yeast which is being harvested from the award-winning brewmaster John “More Hops” Maier’s beard. It all started as a joke when KPTV was told by the president of the brewery, Bret Joyce, that they have been trying to harvest a new strain of yeast from their hop yard but had no luck. This is when it occurred to the brewery and pub president, “Why not look for a different place that might have some magic yeast in it?” Employees took nine follicles from the beard of Maier, who has not shaved since 1978. The lab workers, according to Rogue Ale’s blog, found yeast which was perfect for beer fermenting. The self-proclaimed “mad scientist” over at the brewery explained, “This really is the needle in the haystack. To find it on our brewmaster is really phenomenal.” There is no reason to be grossed out says the beardmaster, Maier, as he explains, “yeast is everywhere.” The beard yeast has yet to be released, as it is only in the test brew stage. When it is all finished and complete it is said to be released in early 2013 under the name “New Crustacean.”

Below is a few other things in the new that I found interesting and I hope you do as well!

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