Monday, October 1, 2012

September Sponsor Contest Poll: Ax Media Studios, The Dawn Chose Orion, Fallen Legion, Cuff

Starting monthly, I will be hold a short contest for those who have bought advertising and have advertising running through said month. The layout will be quite like the tournament that was put on during the summer. The voting is the same, you can only vote for one and you can only vote once. The winner receives $50 the day after. Voting ends on Friday the 12th at 12PM. If you are interested in advertising and a possible prize, click here. The first two weeks of every month will be the contest. Down below is September's sponsors and their links as well as the poll:

The Visual Media Experts
Greater Toronto Area, Ontario
Music videos, photography, live videos, studio recording 

Experimental Grind/Slam
"The Best Of" Out Now and more merch at

The Dawn Chose Orion
Progressive Trance Metal
Aurora, CO, USA
New EP The Byroad To Ascension Point coming soon!

Fallen Legion
Progressive Metal
Oshawa, Ontario
“Screams from the Dungeon” releasing soon

September Sponsors Contest
Highest voted by Friday 12th at noon wins $50
Ax Media Studios
The Dawn Chose Orion
Fallen Legion
See Results

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