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Babe Robs GameStop At Gunpoint, Ten Facts About Pokemon, Sony Wins Battle Against LG; LG Fined And PS3s Returned, Pac-Man Kids Meals Available For Limited Time At Wendy’s, Top Ten Most Controversial Video Games, 50 Sex Mistakes Women Make, Obama’s Proposed Budget, Super Mario Bros. With Real Sound Effects, Guyjcollins: Lag, RuckaRuckaAli: I’m A Korean, Alice: Madness Returns GDC 2011 Trailer, Lord of the Rings: War In The North Brutal Combat Trailer

Hello everyone it is Friday, means the weekend is here and so is March Break, if you’re in high school. I hope you enjoyed Wednesday’s long blog, I had my surgery yesterday and I don’t remember any of it which is a good thing. Here is another long blog!

Babe Robs GameStop At Gunpoint

A woman in San Antonia, Texas robbed a GameStop at gunpoint last Sunday evening. She acted as if she was a shopper and when the employees started to close for the night, she pulled a gun and let her partner rob the store. The couple had zip-tied the two employees and then filled trash bags full of cash and video games. This is apparently the second time this GameStop in particular has been robbed and it is being said that it may have been the same people who robbed the video game store back in November. The businesses around the strip mall are working together to help each other try to work on the security of the stores.

Ten Facts About Pokemon

As Pokémon Black and White are selling like crazy as they have just been released, takes a look at ten cool and strange facts about the popular Japanese game. Here is a look at those facts:

1. Pokémon has been accused of racism, Nazism, and Satanism – In the first generation of Pokémon, people were all riled up because they thought Jynx was a racist stereotype of black people. There is a fashion style called “ganguro” in Japan in which people paint their faces black and that is what they were trying to show. It is also being said that Pokémon is linked to Satanism, by fundamentalist Christian groups, because of the use of evolution and gambling, and even pagan worship. I am sorry but Christian groups really need to lay off on this stuff.
2. Pokémon also been accused of promoting cockfighting, which Black and White’s story actually references – Well I have not played the new games yet, but I have yet to see how this is being included.  In the new generation of Pokémon, Team Rocket is replaced with Team Plasma and is more complex on their goals as villains. The new team wants to “liberate” Pokémon as they feel they are slaves for their trainers and gym leaders, even though they use their own Pokémon to fight to “liberate.” The plot also apparently sort of a reference to animal-rights groups like PETA, the group has made a direct comparison between Pokémon and cockfighting.
3. A Pokémon comic was ‘too sexy’ for America – In 1997, CoroCoro Comic, a Japanese magazine released an official Pokémon mange series, “Dengeki Pikachu.” It was published in America after its success in Japan and was called “The Electric Tale of Pikachu”. The artist of the manga was also a hentai specialist whose name was Toshihiro Ono and he would overdo on the female characters and would give them larger breasts and deeper cleavage. VIZ Media released edited versions of the comic series after realizing the hentai style artwork.
4. It’s also a card game – The Pokémon Trading Card Game is almost as old as the video games and is one of the popular of the TCGs which rivals Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh. There have been over fifteen billion cards produced since its beginning in 1996 and new expansion cards are usually coincided with the newest video game. There is even a video game version of the TCG that is for the Game Boy Colour. I remember when I had that game, it was really fun.
5. Black and White are the first pair of ‘colour’ Pokémon games since Red, Green/Blue, and Yellow – With the new games Black and White, Junichi Masuda and Ken Sugimori, the founders of Game Freak, intended on starting a new fresh beginning for the series. I was also even a naming refresh as all the games after the first generation were named after different minerals.
6. Count ‘Em Up: There Are Now 649 Pokémon – At the beginning there was only 150 Pokémon, it seems as if the number doubled with every new generation. The new generation, Black and White, added 156 new Pokémon to the game.
7. The Pokémon TV show is in its 14th season – Being aired in seventy countries on its weekly episodic adventure, the television series has now 685 episodes. This is surpassing The Simpsons and Monday Night Football and may even soon overtake Saturday Night Live.
8. Pokémon World Championship is an annual event – The Pokémon Company hosts an annual video-game championship as well as a trading-card game tournament with competitors from every part of the world. Some countries even have their own competitions, like Team Japan which has a very large sized group of Pokémon trainers.
9. A ton of “hacked” Pokémon games are on the Internet – Like any game or console, Pokémon has players who have hacked the game to make it their own and distribute them online in playable ROMs and create their own Pokémon and worlds from the data of official games. Some of which are horrible but many are very well made, like Pokémon Brown, ShinyGold, and “Moemon.” The last game is a hack that changes Pokémon into anime girls.
10. Thousands of “adult” Pokémon fanfics trash up the Internet – There are fan fictions of many different series on the Internet, as fans tend to want to make their own stories out of their favourite characters. Sometimes in the form of erotic short stories, which are probably older men who get off on watching Misty battle.

Sony Wins Battle Against LG; LG Fined And PS3s Returned

In the battle against Sony and LG, Sony won their case and will immediately get all the PS3s that were held back. Europe will now see their 300 000 consoles back and Sony will be able to continue shipping them without any problems. LG also has to pay the Japanese company 130 000 euros for the cost of the hearing. An addition 200 000 euros will be added for each day that Sony has to wait for the PS3s to be returned if not by today. This verdict is only in regards to the consoles that were seized and these two electronic companies are still in a patent breach war. It will be interesting to see where this battle goes as it could possibly see Sony have to stop selling in Europe.

Pac-Man Kids Meals Available For Limited Time At Wendy’s

For all you Pac-Man fans, you now have a reasonable argument to buy children’s meals at Wendy’s for now. Between now and April 10th, whenever you order a kid’s meal at Wendy’s you will get one of five toys as well as a discount on the original downloadable Pace-Man game for the PC. Pictures for each game are in the link above. Pac-Man Bowling is a toy where you wind up Pac-Man and aim for paper ghosts and fruit targets. The Dash game consists of winding up Pac-Man and letting him free. See how far you can make it without hitting the ghosts and knock the blue ghost to win. Hide and Seek is like many find-the-ball games and you hide Pac-Man under three ghosts and see if your friend can find Pac-Man. Maze Craze is a game where you roll a die to move around the board and try to collect fruit, be careful for the ghosts though! Last is the Tag Game which consists of four tags, Pac-Man and three ghosts and you clip them to people and enjoy a 3 on 1 game of tag! I hope you collect these because I know I want to!

Top Ten Most Controversial Video Games did a top ten of the most controversial video games. I’d like to show you these games and some videos of game play for fun. I won’t show you all the game videos because I know you know what the game looks like already. Here is the list:

10. Custer’s Revenge – This game came out in 1982 for the Atari and was one of the most main stream pornographic games for the console. You play as General Custer and your goal is to dodge arrows and cacti as you run across the screen to rape a Native American woman tied up to a post.
9. Wolfenstein 3D – Many of you have played this game so I won’t bother showing you a video of it. It was released in 1992 by id Software and was one of the first first-person shooter games. This game was controversial because of all the swastikas and Nazis in the game. At the end of the game you have to face Hitler as the main boss and he is in a robotic machine gun suit.
8. Postal – Running With Scissors released this game in 1997 and was did not have a plot. You run around with an over the top camera as you run around neighbourhoods shooting people.
7.  Grand Theft Auto – Rockstar is the base of a lot of controversy these days, especially with all the violence and sex themes in Grand Theft Auto. What got the most attention is in the San Andreas game where there is a hidden sex scene. It was never meant to be seen by the public but it is in the game’s coding. It has you playing a mini-game of you humping a female and you use the analog stick to control the rhythm.
6. BMX XXX – This game was made by Activision and was meant to have a deal with Dave Mirra to produce BMX games under his name but the game didn’t turn out very well and to make the game sell better Activision decided to include topless girls. Dave Mirra did not like this and sued the company to get his name off the product. The game was released in 2002 and Activision was stuck with a mediocre game with racing where all the racers were topless girls. The game did not sell well at all.
5. Manhunt – Yet another game by Rockstar made the list. In 2003, the company released this game in which you are a death row inmate who has been freed, but kidnapped by the director of snuff movies. You play his latest star as you stalk through different gruesome areas, meanwhile killing your enemies with various weapons. This game is extremely violent and was also made into a sequel. As most sequels do, this one sucked.
4. JFK Reloaded – This game was made by Traffic Softwar and puts you in the shoes of JFK’s assassin Lee Harvery Oswald. Its goal is to let you re-create the assassination as accurately as possible. You get points for how well you make it like the real life findings of the Warren Commision. It was supposed to be billed as a “historical simulation,” to prove that Oswald was the only killer. The game was released on a very horrible date on the 41st anniversary of this assassination. There was a large uproar among the public and Ted Kennedy took it even worse. Sales were so bad that the game was given out for free.
3. Super Columbine Massacre RPG – In 2005, a role-playing game came out that put you in the bodies of Eirc Harris and Dylan Klebold during the time when they shot up Columbine. It is an 8-bit style came and is more of an action game than a total shoot ‘em up type. It sparked major controversy as to why anyone would want to create such a game. It was in the Slamdance Festival but was taken off of it because of the controversy it was brewing up.
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – This game was a very successful selling game but some of the campaign was very disturbing. You are able to play the mission, “No Russian,” but it is not needed to be played to complete the game. This mission puts you in an airport, as an undercover agent who is trying to gain intel by following a Russian terrorist group. You have to go through an airport killing civilians. You can either walk along or join in on the shooting. I watched during my first play through because I was shocked and didn’t know what to do.
1. Call of Juarez: The Cartel – This game has yet to be released, but it is revving up to be quite controversial already. The Mexican State Congress has called for the Interior Department to ban it from the entire Mexican country. This ban has yet to go through but it is believed that the game poorly reflects on the city. During the last year there has been three thousand homicides and most were drug related.

That was today’s blog, I hope you enjoyed it in its entirety. To end it off I have two infographs, one of fifty mistakes women make in bed and also Obama’s proposed budget for the future. Also there is a video of Super Mario Brothers with real sound effects and an animated by Guyjcollins on lag in real life. There is also a parody of “I Gotta Feeling” by RuckaRuckaAli called “I’m a Korean.” To finish it off we have two video game trailers as Alice: Madness Returns brings us back to wonderland with a more dark look and Lord of the Rings: War In The North brings us a trailer of some brutal combat.

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