Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Like Animals Interview By Wheeling Rampage Productions

What is your band name? How did you come up with it?

The band name is Like Animals. We actually had a few stupid names before this one. Basically we think of it as an attitude... Animals are very free, uncontrollable, artistic in a way.We feel that it sums up our style perfectly. You listen to us and say "that's Like Animals". Once we came across this name, it instantly clicked in as "the one".

Who are the members and what do they play?

We are a 3 piece band, which a lot of people are surprised when they hear. I guess its the huge sound and the way we use each other in our songs. My name is Will, and I'm the drummer. Jamie is our guitarist/lead vocalist, and Jesse is our bass player/backing vocalist.

How did the band form? What inspired the formation?

We have all known each other for a very long time. The 3 of us have also been in different bands with each other before this, so once those bands were finished, it was such an easy and natural move to start Like Animals. We always had a goal to write music that was different and knowing each other from previous bands made it easy to start writing. We already knew what each of us brought to the table.

What genre do you consider your band to be?

That's a tough one... We are not metal..we actually hate that term. So not metal, but heavier than most bands. We have elements of hardcore/melodic music. We really don't like to be pigeonholed into a certain style. Doing that will simply limit us. We take pride in having that open palette and when people ask what style we are, we simply let them decide for themselves.

Who writes the lyrics? Is there any main theme?

Our guitarist Jamie is the lyricist for the band. Everything he writes is personal experience. There are a few songs that we sat down and came up with ideas for, but ultimately he writes all of the lyrics. The themes just depend on life experiences.

What gear do you user? Any brand loyalty or model preference?

Well our bassist owns a music store, so gear and brand loyalty is important to us. Jesse is a loyal Warwick user. His bass,head, and cabinet are all Warwick. Jamies rig consists of Cort guitars and a Mesa Boogie Head, along with Marshall and Punch cabinets. My kit is a Mapex, along with Sabian, Paiste and Wuhan cymbals. We use fairly simple setups, with Jamie having a few effect pedals.

Where have you played? What if your favourite venue?

In our 3 years as a band, we have been lucky enough to play almost everywhere in Ontario. We were fortunate enough to go on a few tours last year and play outside of our province as well. I think if we had a favorite venue to choose, it would be our hometown venue in Barrie, The Foxx Lounge. Killer lighting,killer sound, and really awesome people. Definitely the coolest venue we have played at, and bands love coming there. Its an awesome atmosphere.

What are the bands plans for 2011?

Well we are currently finishing up our brand new record. Everything has been recorded, and we are now in the mixing/mastering stage. We once again went to One Star Studio in Barrie with our producer/manager Shane Heath. This CD has surpassed our expectations so far, and everyone is going to love this when it comes out. The exact release date hasn't been finalized yet, but we are aiming for an April release. We also will be touring a lot more than last year, we already have a may tour lined up with our good friends in The Isosceles Project, and we will be organizing a tour with our hometown buddies in Adrenechrome for this spring/summer.

Any final comments?

Just wanna say thanks for doing the interview, we will hopefully be hitting the Cobourg area in the near future! Thanks to everyone for the support.

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