Saturday, March 5, 2011

Man Breaks Into Pizza Hut To Fry Some Wings While Drunk, Man Drives 100 MPH On Freeway With Wife On The Hood, FreddieW: Fire Hands, Epic Meal Time: Maximum Protein Experience, Swedish Meal Time: Barbaric Brutal Breakfast, Epic BMX Ride, Cute Cat Models Hairstyles

Hello everyone, I apologize for the late blog. I tried to upload this before it was technically Saturday. I have two minutes to do it, so here we go! Ha, like I would actually make it. Here is your news for the day, which is now technically yesterday. So sue me

Man Breaks Into Pizza Hut To Fry Some Wings While Drunk

I guess when you are drunk and want chicken wings, Pizza Hut is the place to go to get your hunger fixed. Cory Mogen, a twenty-one year old from St. Cloud, Minnesota, broke into his local Pizza Hut which is also is place of employment. He was arrested early this morning when police found him in the restaurant while frying up chicken wings for his self. An area police sergeant, Martin Sayer, said this on the matter, "They booked him and held him on burglary. Today would be his first court appearance." The police station had gotten a call at 1:25 AM that the Pizza Hut alarm had been tripped and when the police arrived the back door was open. Mogen had thrown marinara sauce everywhere and had “attempted to fry” some boneless wings. Police were suspicious of his behavior and made him do a Breathalyzer test. He blew a .22 with what was called a “weak breath.” The drunken Mogen was booked in the Stearns County Jail on the suspicion of third-degree burglary.

Man Drives 100 MPH On Freeway With Wife On The Hood

Christopher Michael Carroll, a thirty-six year old in Manteca, California has had a very weird week or so. Last week police got a call from people who had witnessed him climb into a garbage bin and threaten to drown himself in the five inches of water that he had collected at the bottom of it. Police had detained him and he was apparently very high on an unknown controlled substance but was released the next day. This didn’t make his wife happy, so they got in an argument. Carroll decided to leave their home in the family minivan and his wife decided it’d be a good idea to latch onto the hood to keep him from leaving. What happened next is something that even Mrs. Carroll did not see coming. Her husband, as psychotic as he has been, thought it would be a goo idea to go 100 mph for thirty-five miles to Pleasanton with her clinging for life to the hood. Witnesses called 911 when they seen this but it wasn’t until Carroll arrived in Pleasanton that he slow down to let his wife off of the van. Someone followed the incident and when the vehicle stopped they helped her and taken to the hospital for hypothermia. Carroll drove back home after this and was caught up by police. He is now being held without bail on the charges of attempted murder, kidnapping and domestic assault.

That’s it for today, hope you enjoyed the news as it was entertaining even for myself to read how stupid people can be under the influence. Here are some videos. First is a video of FreddieW’s Fire Hands. Next we have to funny food videos from Epic Meal Time (Maximum Protein Experience) and Swedish Meal Time (Swedish Barbaric Breakfast). To finish it off is an insane urban biking run as well as a cute video of a cat modeling different hairstyles!

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