Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seven Things You Never Knew About Pacman, Man Caught Masturbating In Pile Of Cow Poop For A Second Time, Daft Punk Interactive Soundboard, Rango Trailer, Anti-Sharia Rally At White House, RoosterTeeth: Rage Quit: The Impossible Game, Tyler, The Creator: Yonkers

Hello everyone, this will be uploaded at least on the right day tonight. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I saw Rango last night, it was pretty good and had its funny parts. I’ll include the trailer at the bottom. Now for your news!

Seven Things You Never Knew About Pacman

At the Game Developer’s Conference this year, the creator of Pac-Man, Toru Iwatani, spoke on the topic of the development of the 1980’s arcade game. He stood on stage with a binder that contained “actual graph paper design documents” and spoke to the crow about the silly origin story of Pac-Man. Here are seven funny facts he spoke on:

1.  Pac-Man was designed to attract women to the “dirty and smelly” arcades of 1980. To accomplish this, Toru Iwanti chose a subject for his game that he knew women to be fond of: eating sweets. “Girls love to eat desserts!”
2. Iwatani called the arcades of 1980 “A playground for boys: dirty and smelly.” His goal for Pac-Man was to attract “girls and couples” and generally make arcades “cleaner and brighter.”
3. Pac-Man is all about having the munchies. The name “Pac-Man” itself comes from the Japanese term paku-paku taberu (the sound of munching), and Toru Iwatani refers to the large power pellets that turns the ghosts blue “big cookies.”
4. Pac-Man’s classic dissolving death sequence was made to resemble the explosion of fireworks.
5. Toru Iwatani’s boss didn’t agree with the idea that the ghosts should be multicoloured, because, she said, people wouldn’t know which ones were good or bad. She suggested they all be red. Iwatani took a poll of the office and multicoloured ghost won 15 to nothing and stayed in the game.
6. The total size of Pac-Man is under 24 Kilobytes: about the size of a picture of Pac-Man on the internet.
7. Last but not least, when asked about Super Pac-Man, Toru Iwatani didn’t have the best things to say. He stated that it was “boring” and that the Pac-Man character was to big. Sorry Super Pac-Man!

Man Caught Masturbating In Pile Of Cow Poop For A Second Time

A man by the name of David Truscott, forty-one years old, was caught masterbating in a pile of manure by a child. This is the man's second time being caught in the act. Police arrived at the child’s family farm and found David waist deep in cow poop and was surrounded by crumpled tissues. He must have been sitting for in it longer than he expected as he was caught and found by police. I don’t think I’d want to stay for long, I bet he smelled pretty bad. I can’t find the original article but the prosecutor, Jill Wilson, said that David had a restraining order placed on him two years ago to stop this incident from happening. I guess he didn’t let a restraining order get in the way of his fetish. This is all I can find on the matter and its probably for the best that it is.

That’s it for tonight, I find weekend to have boring news. As well as videos here is an awesome interactive sound board for Daft Punk’s “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” try doing it at the speed of the actual song. I’ve tried it isn’t easy. Here is the trailer for Rango, I suggest you watch it if you like CGI films because this is one of the best. I also have a video of the Anti-Sharia rally, in which Christian’s insult an Islamic man. I find it rude, but so like the American’s to do something like this. One woman tries to defend the man but it doesn’t work. I also have a Rage Quit video of a member of RoosterTeeth playing The Impossible Game. To end it off is Tyler, The Creator from Odd Future with his music video for Yonkers. It is a very awesome video and the lyrics humour me.

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