Monday, March 7, 2011

Mom Dies Sheltering Child From Tornado In Louisiana, Global Android Activations Mapped And Animated, ShayTards Two Year Anniversary, NicePeter’s Epic Rap Battles of History: Darth Vader vs Hitler, Overboard Humor’s Water Shooting Dinosaur Prank

Here is Sunday’s blog, up a little later then I expected.

Mom Dies Sheltering Child From Tornado In Rayne, Louisiana

In Rayne, Louisiana, a community of 8 500 had to witness and cling to life because of a tornado. Jalisa Granger, a twenty-one year old mother, was trying to shelter her child from the natural disaster. After the tragic occurrence, Granger lay dead from a tree which fell on top of her home, luckily her child survived. A spokeswoman for the Acadia Parish Sheriff’s Office, Maxine Trahan said that Granger was trying to protect her child when the tornado hit: "She sheltered the child to protect her from the storm and a tree fell on the house and it killed the mother but the child was OK.” At least eleven people were injured by the tornado and it is reported to have been triggered by a storm system that started up the moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. It spread rain up to the Carolinas and Northeast and forecasters warned of heavy rains in the Southeast with a mix of rain and snow further North. More than one hundred houses were damaged during yesterday’s tornado and many of them were destroyed. About 1 500 people were evacuated overnight because the natural gas leaks. A fire station was the site for a temporary shelter and about twenty-four people spent the night there. A curfew was in place for the damaged area of the community until early the next morning. This storm moved east and rained down on New Orleans, many Mardi Gras parades were delayed, started early or cancelled.

Global Android Activations Mapped And Animated

Google’s new operating system, Android, is now on top for smartphones and has topped the iPhone. The Android Developers has created a visualization of the success over the past few years and shows where people have activated an Android in the world. It also zooms in on certain continents to show you different areas. Here is the video they made which shows the visuals in 3D.

I apologize for the lateness, I just had a busy night. My first video is a ShayTards video they uploaded from a fan that commemorates their two years of vlogging. I was close to shedding a tear, they’ve come so far. Happy belated birthday Shay! Next is NicePeter’s Epic Rap Battles of History: Darth Vader vs Hitler. The last video is Overboard Humor’s Water Shooting Dinosaur Prank.

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