Friday, March 18, 2011

Man Gets High Off Fake Weed And Ends Up In A Chase With Police To Save Girlfriend From Aliens, Thirteen Failed Sports Leagues, Number Of Troops In Afghanistan, World Map Of Gaming Villains, Charlie Sheen VS Lindsay Lohan Statistics, Who Is Your GI Joe BFF?, What If You Had Five Minutes To Live (Tick Tock Emory University), Mom Blows Nose And Scares/Entertains Baby, Mario In 3D, Guilty Dog Is Guilty

Hello everyone, today is more about what’s at the end of the blog than the news articles. I hope this doesn’t bug anyone. I am unsure if there will be a blog tomorrow as I may be out all night watching the UFC pay-per-view with a friend. We will see though. Here is your news!

Man Gets High Off Fake Weed And Ends Up In A Chase With Police To Save Girlfriend From Aliens

In Rowan County, North Carolina a man by the name of Richard Donald Blanscet got stoned of off “synthetic marijuana” and went to save his girlfriend from alien invasion in his Jaguar. Why did this man try to do such a courageous thing? Because Dr. Phil was in his head and told him to apparently. He led a police chase that went 120 miles per hour. Police as well as a fire truck and a medical team were at his house because he was having a bad reaction to his fake weed. This is when the Dr. Phil voice came in and had told him that aliens were invading the country. He hopped in his Jaguar, almost hit the ambulance and then started driving cross country to save his girlfriend. The chase ended in an intersection crash and the crazy man had told police that he didn’t stop when he saw the light because “he realized the invasion was real and the cops were on it.” Someone needs to stop watching alien movies before taking their substances, I think.

Thirteen Failed Sports Leagues has put out a very funny list of eleven sports leagues that never made it big. I thought I would share them with you as well as some of leagues I wish they had included. Before I show you the leagues they have, I want to show you two leagues that I remember that, well, aren’t around anymore. The first one is a league I remember watching as a kid is Roller Derby. I think I liked it as a kid because who doesn’t like watching girls running around a track, running each other off the track to get points. Here is a video:

 The other old school television league that I remember watching and enjoying, was the Dodgeball tournament. Of course you know that they had gimmick teams so it made it entertaining but here is a clip for fun. It was run for a year in 2004 and 2005 on the Game Show Network.

I won’t bore you with information on what the other leagues were formed by and what it is but I will go through the list.

11. XFL – WW(F)E’s failed football league.
10. WUSA – Women’s United Soccer Association
9. NBL – National Bowling League
8. Elite XC – Mixed Martial Art company
7. Slamball – Trampoline Basketball
6. USFL – United States Football League (one of the teams were owned by Donald Trump)
5. CGS – Championship Gaming Series
4. USPL – United Professional Softball League
3. WBL – World Boxing League
2. SPBA – Senior Professional Baseball Association
1. AABA – All-American Basketball Association

Those were the two articles of the day and now for what really matters tonight, the conclusions. First we have a map of the world’s relation to how they are involved with the war in Afghanistan. Next is a statistic info graphic of where the gaming villains are in the world. Thirdly in our informative pictures is a statistical battle with Charlie Sheen versus Lindsay Lohan. Lastly is a flowchart helping you find your best friend from the GI Joe series. For videos we have Tick Tock from Emory University showing what only living for five minutes longer could do to someone. Second, is a viral video that has been uploaded recently of a mother blowing her nose and it seems to disturb but also entrtin her child. Next is a 3D version of Super Mario Bros. done by FreddieW. Last but not least we have a video of a dog you looks definitely guilty of his crime.

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  1. Trampoline basketball?? I can't imagine why that wasn't a hit!