Monday, April 18, 2011

Apologies: TSL Round 16 Day 4 (Goody vs NaNiwa, MonDragon vs CrunCher), Coachella 2011 (Videos from Mumford And Sons, Death From Above 1979, Arcade Fire, Duran Duran, The Strokes, Kanye West)

Hello everyone, yes I know I have not blogged in a few days and I apologize and I have reason for my absence. This weekend was a busy one for me as I had to watch three different things all weekend. First off Dodger, PressHeartToContinue on YouTube, did a twenty-four hour livestream so I had to watch some of that. I also watched a lot of Coachella 2011 as it was broadcasted live on YouTube. I only watched some of the bands and that is because I would get tired because I'm in Eastern Standard Time and the event was being hosted in California. I have for you below a little recap of some of the bands I watched, or tried to stay up for. I missed Arcade Fire, The Strokes, and Kanye West. I feel bad for it and down below is why! I also watched the live stream of the StarCraft tournament TSL's live stream of Round 16 Day 4, I believe. If I got that wrong I am sorry, but I usually only watch it if HuskyStarcraft is casting. If I remember correctly as well it had ESC.Goody (Terran) versus dignitas.NaNiwa (Protoss), in which NaNiwa won 3-1. As well as that amazing win it also had col.CrunCher (Zerg) versus MYM.Mondragon (Protoss), in which CrunCher beat Mondragon in the same manner, 3-1. After the Coachella videos will be their matches with each other in order. I may continue to give updates on the TSL tournament as they are given out, but I will have them posted whenever TeamLiquid updates their YouTube page. This is it for today, I hope you forgive me. I should be back on track soon enough.

Note: Some videos may not work depending on which country you live in, but since this blog is viewed internationally I will not remove them.

Mumford and Sons

Death From Above 1979
Arcade Fire
Duran Duran
The Strokes
Kanye West
ESC.Goody (Terran) Versus dignitas.NaNiwa (Protoss)
col.CrunCher (Zerg) Versus MYM.Mondragon (Protoss)

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