Tuesday, April 19, 2011

History Of Mortal Kombat, Masterbation Statistics, Bill Murray Facts, Epic Meal Time: Maximum Mac & Cheese, The Game Station: Portal Kombat, New Monopoly Movie Trailer, Disturbing New Footage Of Japan Tsunami, Disturbing Baby Cake Slicing, Spanish Dad Uses Reverse Psychology On Son, Russian Parks Awesome In Slippery Conditions, Idiot Fails At Bending Guitar Neck

Hello everyone, this is going to be a lazy blog. I am not feeling all that great, but there should be some news tomorrow. Here is a ton of stuff to keep you happy for the night. I'll give you the run down of each. We have three informative pictures of the history of Mortal Kombat, masterbation statistics, and facts on Bill Murray. The first video I have for you is the newest Epic Meal Time video called "Maximum Mac and Cheese," in which they build many entrees of various Macaroni and Cheese dishes and have beautiful bitches eat it all up. Next we have the newest video from The Game Station entitled "Portal Kombat," I'll let you watch it and see the hilarity of the Portal Gun in Mortal Kombat. Third we have a trailer for what may be the new Monopoly movie coming out. Not sure what to think of it because it looks super cheesy at some points, but if it ever comes out I will be sure to review it. This next video is something that may disturb you, as it is new footage released of the tsunami that hit Japan. This video was taken atop a hill by a school, as the waves take over a residential area. Near the end of the video, you see people scrambling to get to safety and the camera cuts away from them. This leads me to think that they were killed by debris, but I will leave the decision up to you. I feel bad for all the families who were lost. Next up is another disturbing video, as people are giving out slices of their cake. Yeah, sure this doesn't sound disturbing, but its the design of the cake. The cake is made to look like a baby and I must say this video actually made me cringe. After that creepy video, I have for you something that will make you laugh again. It is a video of a Spanish father and son arguing on whether or not they are walking or taking the vehicle. What's funny about this is that the father plays the psychological answer game on the child and then the child just gives up on trying to take the vehicle. I want to note, because it will make Google searches come here, is that those last two videos were on the last episode of =3 from Ray William Johnson. Now, I hate the guy but I only watch his videos because he does usually have clips no one has shown before. Second last video is of a Russian doing a very skillful park job on a road that is slippery due to weather conditions. I cannot believe he pulled off what he did. The last video is of an idiot who doesn't know how to properly bend the neck of a guitar and it folds in on him.

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