Thursday, April 21, 2011

How Gamers Can Save Money During Tax Season, Audience Claps And Cheers As Teen Stabs Himself To Death On Stage, Marijuana By State, Same Sex Marriage Polls Since 1988, Rage Quit: Crysis 2, Weird Al Yankovic: Perform This Way, Get In The Slow Lane!, Horny Reporter Prank

Hello everyone, today is Thursday and this weekend is Easter weekend. A holiday for consumers to go out and buy chocolate that looks like bunnies! Here is some news although it is outdated by a few days!

How Gamers Can Save Money During Tax Season

There has been awesome news for gamers who would like to earn some tax money from their entertainment. I know that the article is old and tax season is ending but, this is amazing to read and you will enjoy it! Gaming is a hobby to most, but many are professional gamers. This may not all be true but it is worth a try. As starts off their tax saving, you must decide if you are a gaming professional, collector, or a gaming enthusiast. The first two is what is the easiest to get money back from. Being a professional doesn’t exactly mean you are a video game designer or publisher but it means that in some way you earn money from gaming. People at GamePro are professionals because they write articles about gaming. Anyone who earns money from their blogs from advertisements fit under this category. Professional gamer can also be defined as someone who teaches people how to play games. The fact of the matter is that if you take gaming seriously, and are a professional, you can claim your winning money or however you make money from gaming as business income. This means that you can deduct all of the purchased games as business expenses depending on which game you are a professional in. It could be any game, as you may need all the newest games to keep you in the times of video games because you need them to better your gaming experience. This can be viewed as research, as you are learning more about the video game industry. To even better you tax deduction, if you have a “gaming area” that you dedicate to your gaming, you can most likely deduct some of the rent or mortgage as a business expense under Home Office deduction spot of the tax return. This is said not to be illegal or immoral because it is money that you are entitled to since the government wants to keep small businesses successful.

Audience Claps And Cheers As Teen Stabs Himself To Death On Stage

Kipp Rusty Walker, who was nineteen years old, took the stage at an open mic night and performed a song called Sorry For All The Mess. This song name is very ironic as after the teenager stabbed himself repeatedly after the song as the audience clapped and cheered because they mistook this as performance art. He collapsed in a pool of his blood and the audience screamed and rushed to help him, but it was too late as he died from his self-inflicted wounds. This suicide has left the Bend, Oregon community stunned and they are still wondering why he ended his life in such the matter he has. Mental health authorities are being questions as it has been said that Walker had told his friends of the plan to commit suicide and that had also threatened to do so before. He was taken in for treatment and was released. The open mic was at Strictly Organic Coffee Company and the audience was about fifteen people in attendance. He went on stage to perform his piece on the keyboard and then killed himself thereafter. He was rushed to the hospital but he died soon after/ The co-owner of Strictly Organic, Rhonda Ealy, told the news station on television, KTVZ, on the reaction among the audience and said this: “It was really unclear at first what was even happening. You know it is an open mic and it's a performance, people at first thought it was some sort of theatre. Most people never have to see anything like that in their entire lives, and never have before, so it is a life-changing experience.” On of Walker’s friends actually claimed he was planning to kill himself in a public place for a long time. The friend states: “It was almost like he wanted to prove a point, like there's no point in being scared of death because it's going to happen to us anyway.” He also added that the teenager told him that he wanted to kill himself on the twentieth of March. The friend told Walker’s parents who took him to St. Charles Medical Centre’s psychiatric unit in the town. Walker was described as a transient and was released a few days later. His friend also said that there was nothing he could do to help him and stated: “'I actually told him, I was like, "Dude, this is going to mess a lot of people up."” That is a split opinion in the community in bend as some people are sympathetic over Walker’s suicide but others are outraged over the incident. On the website of The Oregonian newspaper, a reader by the name Quashi wrote the following: “As the aunt of a talented young artist who also took his life at the age of 19, I am so saddened that he was not able to reach out to his friends and family for help. We will never know the level of pain he suffered from so deeply that he chose to take his own life. Nor will he ever know the pain felt by those he left behind. This lasts forever.” Also another reader by the name of Judahlevi had this to say: “‘It is always a tragic act for someone to take their own life since all life is precious. Nonetheless, he did not have the right to do this in front of an audience. The horrific memories of someone stabbing himself to death on stage in front of them is not something for anyone to have to be subjected to, or have to live with. It is psychologically damaging for everyone in the audience, whether they admit it or not. I feel more sympathy for the audience than the "performer".” A third commenter said he was a doctor and added that this act of public suicide could be a way to “demonstrate to others who are ‘normal’ that there are others suffering to the point of suicide. It’s kind of an ‘in your face you lucky b****** kind of approach’, be it jumping from a bridge/tower or shooting/stabbing yourself in public.” A Police Lieutenant from the Bend area, Chris Carney, said that Walker’s family live in Alaska and that they have been notified. He also added that this incident is unlike anything he has ever seen and stated the following: “You know, 19 years with the Police Department, I can't think of any event similar to this where somebody's done something in such a public forum and not said anything in the process. So at this point, we still don't know the reason why he chose to do this, why he chose this location or anything and we probably never will would be my guess.” A Saint Charles Health System spokesperson has said that officials would be working with Police Department of Bend and the Deschutes County Public Health Department, to ‘discuss resources that are available in the community for those struggling with depression or suicidal thoughts.’

That's it for today. To conclude this daily blog, I have to informative pictures for you. One displaying the laws of marijuana by state and the other the acceptance of same sex marriages over the years since 1988. For videos, we have the latest Rage Quit as Rooster Teeth's Michael plays Crysis 2. Next is Weird Al Yankovic's parody of Born This Way from Lady Gaga called "Perform This Way."
It is worth noting that Weird Al at first did not have permission to put the parody on his upcoming album but Lady Gaga has since changed her mind and allowed it. Last is two funny videos, as police sirens behind a slow moving highway driver and prods her into the slow lane and the second video is a horny reporter prank.

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