Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review of Circle of 8 by Martyr

1. D.I.
2. Afterlife
3. Art of Desception
4. Circle of 8
5. All Warriors Blood
6. The Uninvited
7. Insensible Scream
8. Scene of Hell
9. Fake
10. Justified Killing
11. Locked
12. Speed of Samurai (re-recorded)

Martyr’s new album Circle of 8 is the first album they have written in twenty five years. The classic metal band is back in the scene as they reunite with Metal Blade Records to release their album. In the 1980s the band brought solid melodic and fast paced riffs as well as using technicality to bring in more of a mixture. Back in the day they appeared on compilation albums released by Roadrunner and Metal Blade. Martyr was voted as Holland’s best new metal band in the magazine Aardschok. They also toured with many bands from around the world and appeared on Sky Channel’s Monsters Of Rock.

I must admit, hearing this album made me think I was in the 1980s for sure. It is very rare to hear a band that pumps out that classic metal anymore and hearing it from a band that actually started in the 80s is very nostalgic. The guitar and vocals really make this album, but the drums aren’t to forget either. The riffs are very old school yet bringing in a more heavy style. The solos are fast, smooth and flow well. Rop van Haren is a very extraordinary vocalist and he reminds me of two people, Ronnie James Dio and Mark Osegueda from Death Angel. This album sure makes me have faith that classic metal is not dead yet and that Martyr is here for a comeback. I cannot wait to hear more new stuff from them and I hope some day I get to see them live

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