Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review of Recorrupted by Whitechapel

1. Section 8
2. Strength Beyond Strength (originally by Pantera)
3. Breeding Violence (Big Chocolate remix)
4. This Is Exile (Ben Weinman remix)
5. End of Flesh (acoustic version)

Recorrupted is an EP from the band Whitechapel as a follow up to their latest full length album which came out June 2010 called A New Era of Corruption. That album debuted the Billbboard Magazine’s Top 200 chart at #43, the Hard Music Core Stores chart at #2, the Independent Albums chart at #3, and the Hard Music Album chart at #5. Recorrupted is a limited edition print run and is only available through the Whitechapel and Metal Blade’s Webstores, iTunes, and the band’s merch table at concerts. This EP showcases one new song called Section 8 but also brings a cover of Strength Beyond Strength by Pantera to the table. It also shows off two remixes of Breeding Violence and This Is Exile done by Big Chocolate and Ben Weinman respectively and also includes an acoustic version of End of Flesh.

Seeing a Whitechapel release made me excited as I am new to them and haven’t had a full chance to listen to them. I didn’t realize this was just an EP so I was bummed when I saw only one new song. The Strength Beyond Strength cover was alright, but for Whitechapel’s style of music it is kind of hard to enjoy it fully. Again, as I said with As I Lay Dying’s Decas, I’m not big into the whole remix thing but I did enjoy This Is Exile’s remix by Ben Weinman.

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