Monday, January 30, 2012

Review of Death by RAM

1. Death
2. ...Comes from the Mouth Beyond
3. I Am the End
4. Release Me
5. Defiant
6. Frozen
7. Under the Scythe
8. Hypnos
9. Flame of the Tyrants
10. 1771

RAM is back with a new album after three years and have signed with Metal Blade Records to bring you their 2012 release entitled Death. Before I jump into the new album, I wanted to give you a little background of RAM. The band was created by Harry Granroth in 1999, a musician who believed that metal from the past was misinterpreted and needed a rebirth. He began finding talented musicians to aid him in his journey and found Daniel Jhannson for guitars, Oscar Carlquis for vocals, and Morgan Pettersson for drums. Over the course of their tour life they have played with the likes of Sebastian Bach, Dark Tranquility, Gamma Ray, and most recently Watain, as well as playing many festivals and tours of their own. This album, Death, is their third full length album and are back in full force with more true metal for the world to hear.

I haven’t listened to any good old school metal since I reviewed Circle of 8 from Martyr. RAM’s new album definitely made me love the genre again. The intro of the album was very progressive rock sounding, despite the rest of the album not having any keyboard in it. I think that the intro is catchy and it made me set to listen to what was in store. The guitar in this has two way of coming at your face. They are either fast past and thrashy or calm and progressive and either way, this band is perfect. The solos are that of a great sounding 80s band. Speaking of the 80s, the vocal style sounds like someone who is stuck in that time period and this is not a bad thing one bit. Three songs that I enjoyed the most off this album were I Am The End, Defiant, and Hypnos. RAM has done two things with this album, they proved that this style of metal is not dead and they also give hope to the future of it as well. I am honoured to have listened to such an amazing album and hopefully one day I will be graced with the privilege of seeing them perform!

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