Monday, January 30, 2012

Guest review of Death by RAM written by The Left Hand Creation bassist Rob Holden

This is a guest review by Rob Holden, bassist of band Left Hand Creation. This is his second review he has done, get used to seeing these well written reviews! Don't forget to check out his band and like their Facebook page here!

1. Death
2. ...Comes from the Mouth Beyond
3. I Am the End
4. Release Me
5. Defiant
6. Frozen
7. Under the Scythe
8. Hypnos
9. Flame of the Tyrants
10. 1771

Death is the third full length album by Swedish based metal band RAM. Back in the early 80’s before the cumbersome metal sub-genres became known by all, Metal was simply called Metal and only Metal. Bands like Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, and Mercyful Fate reigned supreme. In 2012, RAM`s Death gives testament to the classics not only by reminding us of the sound, but rejuvenating it. I suggest skipping the first track of the album as it is a drawn out instrumental; one that doesn’t offer anything musically and fails to introduce the sound of the rest of the album. The second track hits you like a punch in the dick with a classic heavy metal riff and sets the tone brilliantly for the rest of the album. The first half of the album is a pure heavy metal headbanger`s paradise with catchy guitar rhythms and gallops, and high vocal sirens seemingly straight out of Rob Halford or Bruce Dickinson`s repertoire. Each song gets you even more excited for the next. The second half of the album creates a different atmosphere and the artists really show you what they are capable of. With lightning fast scale runs during defiant; the slower paced and extremely epic frozen; and the classic ending hook of the song Release Me. These three tracks were my favorite, but by no means take away any appreciation from the rest of the album. Each track on this album is unique, but never strays from the original theme or sound.

Death is not a blast from the past, but a terrific and classic heavy metal album; staying true to the love and virtues of heavy metal fans everywhere. Listening to it will undoubtedly make you cut off the sleeves of your favorite shirt, drive 30 miles over the speed limit, stop shaving and washing your hair, headbang in mall parking lots, or do whatever it is that heavy metal does to you. I personally loved this album, and I would recommend it to anyone who has ever felt the need to live their life just a little bit faster and harder, even if it is just for 50 minutes or so.

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