Monday, February 13, 2012

Review of Blood Ceremony's self-titled album

1. Master of Confusion
2. I’m Coming With You
3. Into the Coven
4. A Wine of Wizardry
5. The Rare Lord
6. Return to Forever
7. Hop Toad
8. Children of the Future
9. Hymn to Pan

Now I know this album has been out for four years now, but I believe it has just been re-released by Metal Blade Records. If this means that Blood Ceremony is now under the label, then congratulations to them! Being from Ontario, I kicked myself in the teeth for not knowing this band, since they are from Toronto and I am an hour from there. This is their first album, which is self titled. They have a more recent album, which I am sure will be re-released as well at some point. The band consists of Alia O’Brien doing vocals as well as playing flute and organ, Sean Kennedy on guitars Chris Landon  on bass, and Andrew Haust on drums.

First of I have to praise Alia for her vocal and flute skills. Her voice is really strong and her flute playing is very well done. She never misses a note and from the live performance videos I have seen she is flawless on stage. I’d hate to talk badly about Eluveitie, but I would say that Alia’s live flute performance is a lot better than theirs. The guitars on this album have a mix of metal, folk, and blues elements which are all very well delivered. Some of which remind me of Black Sabbath and anything from that era really. I have quite a few favourites on this album and by a few, I mean half the album. The songs that really catch my ears are Master of Confusion, I’m Coming With You, Return to Forever, Hop Toad, Children of the Future, Hymn to Pan.

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