Friday, July 26, 2013

Review of "Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth" by Cuff

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1. Hyperboreal Vibrations
2. Shattering the Lives of the Innocent
3. Born of Extraterrestrial Origin
4. Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth
5. Reign of Torture
6. Defiled by the C18x Artefact
7. Pungent Stench of Mutating Flesh
8. Eradicated Existence
9. Skinned, Probed, Decapitated

Cuff is a 2 piece experimental death/slam band with a hint of grindcore reigning from the Durty Shwa they have been around since 2005. They have played shows with top acts in the brutal death scene and have 20+ albums under their belt. Starting out as a side project, they became serious when their other band broke up. Their themes from the start was basically porno/weed/serial killers/zombies but finding their sound and signature theme based on astronomy/extraterrestrial life. They released their 7th full length "Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth" this past June, with gaining huge success over it they got shows line up and more albums to come.

A great track to start the album off with “Hyperboreal Vibrations.” The slams and grooves were awesome and the guest vocals by Martin Funderud of Kraanium were great and almost sounded as dirty as Bob’s. The riffs are all over the place for some parts of “Shattering the Lives of the Innocent,” making for intense listening in between the sludgy slams. The guitars are really catchy on “Born of Extraterrestrial Origin,”with the slams and diddles. The drummer is also pretty badass as well, throwing in precision double kicks with speed. Bob’s vocals on the next track, “Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth,” are so gnarly on this that he can almost just be the bass guitar, with the constant gurgles. A great mix of brutality and groove, which definitely makes this my favourite track on the album.

The guitar riffs are quite catchy on “Reign of Torture” as well, with a nice solo near the end. There are guest vocals by Jaymes Grundman which sounded like Disgorge to me. The little spaceship like noise in between the slams was epic and “Defiled by the C18x Artefact” is pretty intense with its riffage. The little technical bits were really sick coming off of the slams on the next track “Pungent Stench of Mutating Flesh.” It was all around an awesome track. The blast beats were pretty good on “Eradicated Existence.” Cuff have a talented drummer, but he isn’t as talented as the guitarist who pulls off the grimiest of slams. “Skinned, Probed, Decapitated” is a perfect track to end the album. With speed, chaos, and sludge, although about two minutes in it gets eerily mellow, with ambient alien noises. It ends with more incredible riffs and vocals. This track was a fantastic way to conclude the album.

This is by far the best Cuff album to date, as Bob and Zach continue to dominate in their craft. With Bob’s inhuman vocals that sounds akin to a hungry stomach or flushing toilet and Zach’s perfect slams and grooves, Cuff is one of the bests. Be sure to check this album out and see them live!

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