Friday, July 26, 2013

Track-by-track commentary of "Forced Human Sacrifice to the New Gods of Earth" by Bob Shaw, vocalist of Cuff

This is a new segment in which we delve into the thought process of bands and musicians, finding out how they form their songs, what inspires them, and what their own music means to them. In this first look, we get a better understanding of the two-man slam/death metal band Cuff.  I also reviewed this album and you can read the review here. Go support these guys by liking the Cuff Facebook page and buying the albums on BigCartel.

BOB: Zach creates the drums for all the songs. First, he is a drummer, he know his beats and patterns well. So he’s already thinking of what the riffs are going to sound like for each song. He sends me a rough mix of each song and I basically tell him to go ahead or if it needs to change riffs up.  I’m a huge alien freak, anything extraterrestrial excites me, so that’s what I basically write about. Destruction of the world or killing human scum, I write lyrics to the patterns of the songs and I find samples from movies/TV shows to go along with the song. I go over to Zach’s layer with the lyrics and samples on a USB and begin the vocal recording process. After that Zach mixes it all and that’s what you hear on the CD.

Hyperboreal Vibrations
BOB: This song is basically about getting abducted, to face the aliens, and getting infected with a chip. Then being forced to do whatever the aliens tell you to do. This song has Martin Funderud of Kraanium doing guest vocals.

Shattering the Lives of the Innocent
BOB: This song is about the invasion, coming in and abducting every human. Treating them like worthless scum and doing experiments on them, throwing them in cages never to see earth again.

Born of Extraterrestrial Orgin
BOB: For this song, we took the approach of a alien/human hybrid being born into the world to destroy humanity and bringing females up and impregnate them to create other hybrids, "pumping fluids into the rotten cunt."

Forced Human Sacrifice To The New Gods Of Earth
BOB: This song is also about abducting humans, forcing them into wearing chains around there neck . Being chained up millions at a time and forced into a pyramid. There’s no lyrics for this one but the one liner "WE ARE NOW THE GODS OF EARTH CONTROLLING THE MINDLESS HUMAN HERD" in a evil alien voice.

Reign Of Torture
BOB: This song is about performing experiments on humans, putting chips in there skin and torturing them. Sending them down to earth with half mutilated bodies, meaning the reign of torture will never end, even after the abduction. We had James Grundmann do guest vocals.

Defiled By The C18x Artifact
BOB: We were originally going to write the whole album about this subject. This song is basically about the Jonathan Reed story. If you haven’t heard about it, you should look it up on YouTube, there’s too much to explain. The video we got for this song is basically the found footage Jonathan took, check it out!

Pungent Stench of Mutating Flesh
BOB: This song is basically about the experiment room where they would mutilate, kill, and create humans. Its about the mounds of humans and flesh that has built the room., which is locked down and no on can hear screams in space. We have a t-shirt design for this, its pretty gruesome.

Eradicated Existence
BOB: This one is basically about the end of the world and how the aliens have took it over, to make it theirs, to repopulate it with hybrid aliens and to rule their world. They annihilated the human scum to take over our planet.

Skinned, Probed, Decapitated

BOB: Well the title basically says it all. First the humans are locked down on a table, skinned of all there flesh, and bent over for a metal rod to be inserted in there ass. As that is happening, they decapitate the humans and create human hybrids. As the last lyric says “THIS IS NOT OVER,” meaning there will be more for Cuff in the future. Maybe a continuation to this album, you’ll have to wait and see CUFF LYFE.

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