Saturday, July 27, 2013

Game Programmer Quits Job To Sell Street Food, Doubles Salary; How Americans Get To Work; Sex In Nursing Homes; Beijing Subway Rush Hour; Other Videos I Liked This Week

I'm going to start doing weekly news again, like I used to. Down below are some things I read this week that I have found interesting. Above you will see a run down of all the posts that have gone up this week with quick links to each. Next week I hope to get this site back to normal, so look out for that.

Game Programmer Quits Job To Sell Street Food, Doubles Salary

It seems that game programmers these days can’t seem to profit from their games, as it has been seen with many companies filing bankruptcy, so they have been forced to find other means to earn a living. One Chinese programmer has taken to the streets of China, selling a flatbread called “shaobing,” after leaving his day job because of health issues. The nickname “Ma Nong (码农)”  which means "number cruncher," is often given to Chinese game programmers, which is a play on words. The joke is that the "Ma Nong" work long hours, especially nearer to a game’s release as it needs to be perfect for launch.

The programmer in question explained: “The work hours of a programmer are long and arduous, sometimes we have to work overtime, though there was a lot of joy when we finished Yuan Zheng Online. When we are finished with work, we often go out to unwind, visiting karaoke parlours or playing basketball. Unfortunately my body was unable to withstand it all and I had to quit.”

The man found himself a girlfriend, after recuperating, and then looked for ways to make a living, which is when he ended up selling shaobing as a street vendor. It was actually his girlfriend who taught him to make the flatbread and the two of them spent their time creating recipes before they started vending. The couple bring in $3,259 a month, which is a lot in China being 19,992 Yuan.

In closing, the programmer said: “We had no idea that we'd sell so much—we sold 100 shaobings in a day, business is only getting better and better. We already earned enough for an apartment and now we're saving up more money. We hope to get married next year.”

Down below is some interesting information about how Americans get to work as well as sex in nursing homes. I also added some videos I watched this week that you might enjoy.

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