Monday, July 29, 2013

Review of "Necrocracy" by Exhumed

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1. Coins Upon The Eyes
2. The Shape Of Deaths To Come
3. Necrocracy
4. Dysmorphic
5. Sickened
6. (So Passes) The Glory Of Death
7. Ravening
8. Carrion Call
9. The Rotting

With over two decades of gruesome grinding under the belts, you might think that EXHUMED would be ready to slow down.  You’d be DEATHLY wrong.  Necrocacy is EXHUMED’s political manifesto for a new dark day---no democracy, no equal rights, no freedom of choice---bow down to your one true master---THE SAW.  Nine sickening new tracks of prime Exhumed gore---blazing guitars, filthy vocals and obscene blasting drums.  Quite possibly their finest hour, as the years roll by EXHUMED refuse to mellow.  This is a band that stinks like the rotting flesh of a nation waiting for revolution:  vote Necrocracy Party 2013!

No mellow/acoustic intro to start this album off as “Coins Upon The Eyes” starts the brutality from the first second. It’s very heavy with great riffs and the occasional groove, bringing great solos as well. There are some catchy riffs on the next track, “The Shape Of Deaths To Come,” even throwing in some melodic bits. The solos had a really old school feeling to them. I like when the bass plays alone and then the guitar joins in. This track is an incredible one. The bass and drums to kick the title track, Necrocracy,” are awesome and when the guitar joins in it just sounds spectacular. The gut wrenching vocals and speedy shreds of the guitar, along with the solos, make this track what it is. “Dysmorphic” is definitely plentiful with solos, with two in the first minute. I like the acoustic break half way through, I like when death metal bands break up the brutality with short breaks like that. This track felt very thrashy but keeping its dirty death feel

A great mix of machine gun and punk/thrash drums come on the next track, “Sickened.” The solos on this are quite impressive, especially when they harmonize. The melodic bits on “(So Passes) The Glory Of Death” are really menacing sounding, with catchy riffs and amazing solos. The guitar makes this an enjoyable track. Keeping with the feel from the previous track, “Ravening” has some gruelling melodic riffs as well as some speedy brutal parts. The bit half way through sounded very blackened as well. “Carrion Call” has some catchy riffs, as well as some really excellent dirty bits. This is another track with a black metal sounding riff. This track’s vocals stand out the most on the album. A great conclusion to the album, ending on fast paced brutality, is the track “The Rotting.” It throws amazing riffs at you, as well as solos, even feeling a little technical at times and superb drumming, with speed and power.

This album is a masterpiece, as Exhumed creates a great combination of brutality and speed. The guitars are always great with brutal sludges, melodic pieces, and very impressive solos. The drums bring a nice blend of death and thrash metal, bringing elements from the two genres and creating a nice mixture. Having high and low vocals also brings a nice mix as well. This album is incredible and you should pick it up next week.

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