Thursday, July 25, 2013

Review of "Our Glorious Dead" by Luna Reign

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1. Death Euphoria
2. Mirror Mirror
3. Sinners
4. Home Sweet Home
5. Black Light
6. So Cold
7. Beyond The Waves
8. Last Breath
9. Fade
10. Until The End

Luna Reign is an Alternative, Dark, Gothic Rock/Metal Artist. A powerful and electrified journey through creation and destruction. Powerful, sensual and seductive as black silk brushed along bare skin. Romantic and soothing, yet aggresive and abrasive. Luna Reign is a UK based solo artist, who rose to power in 2010. Luna performs all the instruments on his records which include, Guitar, Drums, Bass, Vocals and keyboards. Luna writes, produces and records all his own music. Luna Reign is influenced by Him, Placebo, The Sisters Of Mercy, Type O Negative, Metallica, The Mission, The Cult, 13 Candles, Garbage, My Ruin, My Chemical Romance. Currently #1 in the Reverbnation local rock charts (, with 2 albums already out and a third in the making, Luna Reign is an artist to keep your eyes and ears on in 2013... With over 13,000 hits on Youtube, songs on rotation on Nightbreed radio, Lastfm radio, museboat and Gothic radio, a #1 on Vampirefreaks charts (, 7 tracks in the top ten on Soundclick charts (, Now Signed to Gothic World Records, 2013 is shaping up to be a good one for Luna Reign..............

The album starts with what I love about Luna Reign, as “Death Euphoria” has a catchy keyboard riff as well as the gothic rock guitars that make his sound what it is. The riff at the end of this track is so groovy and the vocals are great as usual. This track definitely sets the mood for the rest of the album. A nice gloomy bass riff with accompanying lead guitar starts “Mirror Mirror” off. When the instruments come together as a whole it sounds tastefully sludgy. The track is a great mix of gloomy riffs and nice ambience. The next track, “Sinners,” just screams to be used in the soundtrack in a classic vampire movie. It has a catchy beat and is mellow but very enjoyable. The ambience on the keyboard and the way the drums and guitar flowed on “Home Sweet Home” were excellent. I also liked the vocals and how the lyrics were sung on this track.

“Black Light” is another track with great guitar. It is not as sludgy as the earlier track, but the chugging sounded a little dirty. There is extremely impressive little solo on this as well and this might be my favourite track on the album.  “So Cold” is a really mellow but gloomy track and the soft spoken vocals adds to the chilling feel of it overall. So cold indeed good sir! The drumming on “Beyond The Waves” is quite catchy and the guitars have a really badass groove to them as well. With the combination of that and the captivating ambience it makes for an excellent listen. The bass is really awesome on “Last Breath,” which is a superbly mellow but also heavy track. It is another favourite of mine. When I thought the last track mellow, “Fade” is even more so with skin tingling lead guitars and ambience along with lovely vocals. There is a nice lead guitar and ambient feel to start the last track “Until The End” off. This goes into some old school rock feeling riffs, giving this track a nostalgic feel. It is a perfect track to end an amazing album.

This album is an incredible step up from the last album, as Luna Reign seems to be bringing heavier riffs to the table while staying true to his style. It is great to see more from him, which are always perfect tracks. If you like gothic metal/rock, you will definitely like this album.

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