Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spotlight: Rubber (Stephen Spinella, Jack Plotnick, Roxane Mesquida)

This is the first review of movies suggested to me to review from Netflix. If you would like me to review a movie that is on there, comment this post with the name of the movie!

“Rising from a sandy grave, lost in the desert, an inanimate tire comes to life and learns to roll on his own. Making his way toward a nearby, sparsely populated town, the tire gains telepathic powers enabling him to blow up anything, or anyone, that stands in his path. Soon he falls for a mysterious brunette in a passing car and must face the town’s sheriff. Alone and desperate, he searches for companionship and the means to quench his lust for destruction.”

Stephen Spinella (Milk, Bubble Boy, Cradle Will Rock) as Lieutenant Chad
Jack Plotnick (Wrong, Girls Will Be Girls, Straight-Jacket) as Accountant
Roxane Mesquida (Kaboom, The Last Mistress, Sex Is Comedy, The School Of Flesh) as Sheila
Wings Hauser (Kingpin, Watchers 3, Beastmaster 2: Through The Portal Of Time) as Man in Wheelchair
Ethan Cohn (Cry Wolf, Heroes, Lady In The Water) as Movie Buff Ethan
Charley Koontz (Community, Wrong, Awake) as Movie Buff Charley
Hayley Holmes (The Guild, Just Peck, Trapped In TV Guide) as Cindy
Haley Ramm (X-Men: The Last Stand, Yours, Mine And Ours, Flightplan) as Fiona
Daniel Quinn (Hancock, Wild A Heart, Scanner Cop) as Dad
Devin Brochu (Hesher, In The Valley Of Elah, Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past) as Son
Courtenay Taylor (Geezers!, Supreme Comander) as Deputy Denise
James Parks (Kill Bill, Death Proof, Red State) as Deputy Doug

First scene where the car drive down a path hitting chairs and a guy comes out of the trunk to go on about other movies and how Rubber is a "no reason" movie as well is perfect. When the wheel learns to roll and it falls over repeatedly its rather funny, as well as when it learns to run over things. Then the movie gets even cheesier with the super power the tire has, when the tire starts sounding like its going reving up and then whatever object in front of it blows up. It'd be more interesting if the tire rammed it at full speed because a wheel with super powers makes no sense at all. A wheel running people over and burning out on faces and stomachs would have made it better. Although, the close ups on animals exploding are brutal and even more so when humans share the same fate. I've never seen a tire drink from a puddle, watch television, have a shower, or swim in my life until now. I thought when the cops discuss the type of tire that it was pretty hilarious. When I thought the tire was cheesy, the tricycle brought me a whole level of cheese but with more cheese brings bigger explosions, apparently. The army of wheels was worse than that movie Maximum Overdrive and ending it with the wheels marching towards Hollywood was a good ending but I wish they showed the massacre.

The acting in this movie is alright, but what got me the most is the cinematography. I really liked the camera shots they had throughout the whole move. If you like super cheesy killer movies I suggest you watch this movie.

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