Friday, August 17, 2012

Review of "The Resistance" by The Dawn Chose Orion

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1. Ghost Of The Past (An Introduction…)
2. A Black Rose On Fire
3. Rise Above
4. This Is The Sound
5. Hadassah’s Torment (Interlude)
6. Hadassah’s Rest
7. Untouchable
8. This Is The Sound (No Prisoners, No Mercy Remix)
9. World of Lines (The Dawn Chose Orion Re-Animation) – Coheed & Cambria

“The Dawn Chose Orion are a progressive melodic trance metal band from Aurora, Colorado USA. The sci-fi concept band was originally formed in 2008 and consist the members Seth Early (Vocals) and Brett Erfman (Synth) Patrick Hall (Lead Guitarist), Rob Penna (Lead Guitarist), Joe Ayala (Bass), and Dan Cintron (Drums). In 2009 they released their first concept album The Resistance EP. In 2010 they re-released it with 2 additional remixed tracks. They are currently working on releasing their "part 2" of their story called The Byroad To Ascension Point EP in 2012.’

The first track on this album “Ghost Of The Past (An Introduction…)” was the guinea pig for whether I would like this album or not, since unsure of what was to come. The Dawn Chose Orion made me impressed as soon as I heard the heavy drums and power metal style sweeps. The keyboard were a nice touch as well. Continuing with the sweeps is the second track “A Black Rose On Fire.” This track really pulled everything you would want from a band, heavy and mellow riffs, clean and heavy vocals, break downs, sweeps, you name it. There is nothing else to really say about this song other than solo was really good and the keyboard was nice.

The keyboard at the beginning of “Rise Above” is catchy. I really liked the chuggy riffs and breakdowns weren’t bad either. This track is a lot heavier than the track prior, was definitely more brutal than power-y this time around. It ends on a nice guitar effected riff and chug chugs. When reading song titles, you would think “Rise Above” would be an anthem style song since it is called exactly what anthems do. This is not the case and it is actually the next track, “This Is The Sound,” that is like an anthem. There is a cool little drum solo to start things off and it goes into another catchy keyboard/guitar riff. I enjoyed the riff half way through the song, the pauses in it made it entertaining. The sweeping riff after the breakdown was awesome.

There’s not much to say about “Hadassah’s Torment (Interlude)” as it is just a woman talking over a mellow mix of guitar and keyboard, but it is a nice intro to the next track “Hadassah’s Rest.” This a more mellow track than the rest of the album, which isn’t a bad thing. The break from the chaotic brutality was nice and even then the ending of this song keeps the heavy style going though so they didn’t entirely go mellow. The beginning of “Untouchable” leading into the heavier part sounded great. I wasn’t a fan of the voice effect on one of the vocal parts, but since it was the first one on the album I shrugged it off. The guitar solo in this song was really nice as well.

Now, for my least favourite couple of tracks. As I have I have said before, remixes aren’t very appealing to me unless done well. The remix of “This Is The Sound” called “No Prisoners, No Mercy Remix” was alright but I thought the original track was a lot better. The last track is a mash up between The Dawn Chose Orion and Coheed and Cambria of the song “World of Lines” by Coheed and Cambria. This was actually a really good track in my opinion. They took the vocals and bass lines from the original Coheed & Cambria song and remixed them, also adding their own guitars, drums, and keyboards. They took a good song and made it better and heavier in my opinion.

I definitely recommend picking this up if you’re a fan of everything because that is what this band is. It has your breakdowns, heavy riffs, sweeps, keyboard, brutal vocals, clean vocals. It is a really good mix of everything and you should check them out!

Press Quote
"I have not seen a band that can create such a unique sound which includes so much different styles. The Dawn Chose Orion brings together various genres of metal and melds them to perfection. It is not often, or possibly at all, you can go from a hardcore breakdown into a trance influenced break, or from power metal style sweep picking to some progressive keyboard noodling. This band deserves more than they receive and have perfected their craft beyond belief."

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