Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interview with Dan Briggs of Between the Buried and Me/Trioscapes

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For those who are not familiar with Trioscapes, who are you and what type of music do you play?

-My name is Dan Briggs and I play bass.  Loosely, it's fusion music I guess, but to me everything is a fusion of something or other.

What does the name of the band mean?

-Trioscapes is an experiment in how much music and sound three people can make together, and that's represented in the name.

Could you explain the writing process of your songs?

-It's different for each one. "Blast Off" was a nearly finished product that I brought to both Matt and Walter, and Matt and I finished the ending of the song together. "Curse of the Ninth" was a song I brought in completely written. "Separate Realites" started with just two licks that Walter wrote and I wrote a bunch of variations on, and then filled in the gaps. "wazzlejazzlebof" and "Gemini's Descent" were put together in the
rehearsal room, and "Celestial Terrestrial Commuters" we dismantled and put back together in the rehearsal room together.

What influences or aspect does your music take from metal and other genres?

-We all have different influences and you can hear that in the music. Obviously Matt and I have more of a background in metal, but I think the only thing we take  away from that is energy and aggression. A song like
"Separate Realities" is just non stop, I'm generally out of breath after we're done playing it.

How does it feel to make a saxophone sound metal? Do you even consider yourself metal?

-Nope! I didn't realize we had done that either. We're just playing the music that feels natural to us to play.

Being in Between the Buried and Me, is Trioscapes a nice break from the heavier style of playing you are used to?

-It is, yeah. It's nice to be able to lay back and just groove for a few minutes, or take over and rip some solos. It's also all music that I write on bass. For BTBAM I write everything on guitar or piano and write bass parts after the fact. I wrote a few melodies on piano for Trioscapes, but aside from that it was all bass which was rad.

What made you want to start a jazz style metal band?

-I never had any intention of doing that! I just had the summer off in 2011 and had the opportunity to get together with Walter and Matt and it was just the perfect time to do something. We never set out for a
particular sound.

What does “wazzlejazzlebof” mean?

-It's just kind of a silly Zappa-ism, just a nod to the master. It's a fucked up weird tune and seemed appropriate.

How do fans receive this experimental sound?

-Seems like it's gone over well so far! It's not for everyone, that's for sure. Some people can't relate to music that doesn't have lyrics, some people have never hear saxophone in music before. It's true, we've read some weird reviews for our record here and there haha. We're just having fun.

Have you ever accidentally passed through a higher dimension while playing?

-Yes, not frequently but a good handful of times. When BTBAM shot our dvd in 2008 I felt like I was floating the whole time, before, during and after. It's an incredible feeling. Not every show is going to be like
that, but when it is it's the best.

Are you going on tour in the near future?

-We'll be on tour in September with Scale the Summit on the east coast.

What does the future of Trioscapes look like?

-Shows, sonic experimentations, Walter wearing wild oversized 90s shirts, Matt maybe growing his moustache out again. Things could get wild in the future!

What are your thoughts on the scene in it’s present form?

-I'm not sure what scene you're refering to? I haven't felt a part of a scene since I was about 15 and wore a bandana and camo shorts at hardcore shows and wore x's on my hands to school. I just love surrounding myself with creative people that are excited about pushing themselves and making the people around them better. That's how I've always grown as a musician.

In light of the Randy Blythe situation, what are your thoughts on it?

-It's pretty terrible. BTBAM toured with Lamb of God in 2010 and our guitarist Paul filled in for their guitarist Mark in South America later that year, so he knows him pretty well. It's a terrible situation, and it really could have happened to anyone in his situation. We've thrown kids off the stage before, our techs have, it gets rowdy sometimes with people falling all over the place. Everyone is hoping he gets through it without anymore harm.

Any last comments?

-Come see us on tour! It's a different experience live, I think the energy is pretty high and we play the tunes a bit different than on records. Enjoy!

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