Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Review of "Born In Abyss" by Dead 3 Days

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1. Born In Abyss
2. Puppet For The Machine Of Greed And Dominance
3. Fear
4. Realm Of Death
5. Save Your Own Damn Grace
6. Falling Of Skies

“Dead 3 Days started in June 2011 with Austin Chappell and Jason Ware communicating through kijiji. Over the summer Born In Abyss and Realm of Death were written. By August vocalist Dakota Harfman and drummer Danny Arnott had joined the band. Like most bands they had difficulty finding a bass player, so as a favor Casey Elliott (guitar player of Vesperia) offered to play for a while but ended up having fun and joining. Once they had a full line up Puppets for the Machine of Greed and Dominance, Save Your Own Damn Grace, and Falling of Skies were written and they started playing shows. The band does all recordings at Austin’s home studio, and he produces all the music himself as well as record/produce for other local bands for his company InZen Music. The bands demo can be found at both and Future plans for the band include a full length album, more merch and free giveaways at shows, and a music video.”

Being from Ontario, I feel really bad that I have not listened to these guys until now. These guys are a solid new band and they have a good thing going. The first song “Born In Abyss” was interesting in a good way. The mix of, what I felt was, heavy/thrash metal guitar alongside the dirty death metal style vocals made for an awesome combination. As well as the great mixture, the main riff is really catchy and the solo was awesome. The riff played at the beginning and end of “Puppet For The Machine Of Greed And Dominance” is really great. There is another catchy main riff on this track and the guitar effect and riff two thirds of the way in was pretty cool.

The third track, “Fear,” is a weird short instrumental. The guitar effect was well used and eerie along with the keyboard. The vocals on the next song “Realm Of Death” are very brutal. The ambience of the keyboard makes this song feel dark. The acoustic bit was a nice touch and the solo after it was even better. The guitars in “Save Your Own Damn Grace” are really heavy and a little technical and are probably some of the best on the album. When the keyboard comes in this song it sounds so especially grim and adding epic to the grim is the horn-type keyboard effect, which is extremely badass. The last song, “Falling Of Skies,” had a great keyboard and guitar intro and the fact it into chugs was extremely awesome. All of the guitars in this song are really good and although it sounds a little on the hardcore side, which was different from the rest of the album, but its still a good song. The melodic part was really good on this track as well. I feel the crash cymbal was a little over used in this song, but it doesn’t take away from the song too much. Also the vocals are the gnarliest on this track.

I definitely recommend buying this album as Dead 3 Day’s approach to sales is one I respect them for doing. You can buy this album for whatever you think its worth, you don’t see that much in the music industry so kudos to them. These guys are definitely worth the listen!

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