Monday, September 10, 2012

Review of "Dead Calm Chaos" by Evocation

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1. In the Reign of Chaos
2. Silence Sleep
3. Angel of Torment
4. Boundead
5. Dead Calm Chaos
6. Truth Will Come Clear
7. Dust
8. Protected By What Gods
9. Antidote
10. Tomorrow Has No Sunrise
11. Astray Masquerade
12. Razored to the Bone

“Sweden's Evocation, one of the most influential bands from the early 90s wave of Gothenburg-style death metal bands, along with Europe's Cyclone Empire Records, are partnering with Metal Blade Records to release two albums from their catalog in North America. Tales from the Tomb, originally released in 2007, and 2008's Dead Calm Chaos will both be available on September 11th, 2012. Neither album has been previously available in North America. Both albums are highly regarded as a return to form, with Tales from the Tomb being the band's first true full-length and release after their now infamous The Ancient Gate demo from 1992. Dead Calm Chaos was also honored with guest appearances from death metal legends Anders Björler (At The Gates / The Haunted) and Dan Swanö (Bloodbath / Edge Of Sanity). Both releases were blessed with exceptionally beautiful artwork made by Dan Seagrave (Entombed, Morbid Angel etc.) for the Tales from the Tomb album, and Travis Smith (Opeth, Katatonia etc.) for the Dead Calm Chaos album.”

“In the Reign of Chaos” starts the album off on a nice acoustic bit leading into a lead guitar and harmonization part. This was a great instrumental to start off the album. There is a good mix of heavy bits as well and melodic riffs on the track “Silence Sleep.” I am hoping they developed more style from what their prior album had. The guitar intro of “Angel of Torment” is really dirty and I like the lead over top. The guitars on this track are really grimy with the distortion which makes for awesome riffs. The solo at the end is really well done.

I really like “Boundead,” the chugging parts were awesome and it was a break from the quick strumming Evocation really loves doing. This song flows really well and is definitely one of my favourites. The title track, “Dead Calm Chaos,” has even more chug style riffs. This track shows me that Evocation does stray away from their usual sound and in a great way. The fast pounding drums in this “Truth Will Come Clear” make for some brutal parts. The solo and harmonization was good and the riffs are really catchy.

Another track with catchy riffs is “Dust.” There are some nice blast beats in this track and also some more great lead guitar on this as well. “Protected By What Gods” has a really thrash feel to it, with the fast drumming and guitars. The melodic bits are nice in between the brutal thrash bits. The chugging lead in by a melodic riff in “Antidote” is nice. More blast beats on this as well. This is probably my favourite song guitar wise, really great solo in this song.

There is a nice mix of heavy and melodic parts in “Tomorrow Has No Sunrise.”  The bit half way through “Astray Masquerade” with the melodic lead over top of chugging was amazing. “Razored to the Bone” was a really great way to end the album with the fast paced pounding throughout for the first half and a nice mellow melodic part to play out the album.

This album was a little bit better than “Tales from the Tomb.” The guitar changed up a bit more which is good. I recommend this album more so than the prior, but they are both worth a listen.

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