Monday, September 10, 2012

Review of "Tales from the Tomb" by Evocation

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1. Eternal Lie
2. The Dead
3. Chronic Hell
4. Greed
5. From Menace to Mayhem
6. Blessed Upon the Altar
7. Feed the Fire
8. The Symbols of Sins
9. Phase of Fear
10. Veils Were Blown
11. But Life Goes On
12. The More We Bleed

"Sweden's Evocation, one of the most influential bands from the early 90s wave of Gothenburg-style death metal bands, along with Europe's Cyclone Empire Records, are partnering with Metal Blade Records to release two albums from their catalog in North America. Tales from the Tomb, originally released in 2007, and 2008's Dead Calm Chaos will both be available on September 11th, 2012. Neither album has been previously available in North America. Both albums are highly regarded as a return to form, with Tales from the Tomb being the band's first true full-length and release after their now infamous The Ancient Gate demo from 1992. Dead Calm Chaos was also honored with guest appearances from death metal legends Anders Björler (At The Gates / The Haunted) and Dan Swanö (Bloodbath / Edge Of Sanity). Both releases were blessed with exceptionally beautiful artwork made by Dan Seagrave (Entombed, Morbid Angel etc.) for the Tales from the Tomb album, and Travis Smith (Opeth, Katatonia etc.) for the Dead Calm Chaos album."

To start this album off we have the intro “Eternal Lie,” with very menacing whisper like black metal voices. Right into riffs of brutality we have, “The Dead.” The semi-melodic style is nice and feels a little old school. I felt a few slam elements, which always adds to the awesome. There was a pretty cool drum solo bit three quarters the way in. The intro of “Chronic Hell” was enjoyable with the slow drums and fast guitar. Some parts felt really old style melodic which was nostalgic and catchy and the solo at the end was done well.

I really like the triplet chugging parts, as well the blast beat drum parts, in “Greed.” They aren’t overly fast paced but they are good. It felt really old school heavy metal but at the same time death metal, which was interesting. Great melodic riffs make “From Menace to Mayhem” really catchy. Although the guitars are a little repetitive on this track it is still alright, they change up a little bit half way through which is great. More blast beats and extremely brutal drums on “Blessed Upon the Altar”, and the guitars follow suit. Its very in your face and makes you want to punch the elderly and babies. The middle of the song is more melodic but doesn’t take away from how amazing the track is as a whole.

Another drum solo at the beginning of “Feed the Fire” which is awesome, and the drums after it are catchy as well. The guitars in this song are extremely melodic which is fine by me after the insane track prior. The solo in this song is awesome. They may have ended the track with a few more “feed the fires” than needed. The way the guitar flows with the drums in “The Symbols of Sins” give off a pretty badass groove feeling. The faster bits are very catchy as well, the blast beat at the end is very crazy. The guitars the next track, “Phase of Fear,” flow well also and the harmonized bits are great as well.

A big fan of the drums in “Veils Were Blown”, the blast beat parts were nice. I kind of wish they were more apparent though. The guitars are good, but after a while you wish they changed it up a bit. The solo at the end was a great touch. The vocals on “But Life Goes On” stand out the most on this track to me, they’re really dirty sounding. Also, the solo three quarters of the way in was really impressive. “The More We Bleed” has a few slam bits that were sneakily placed. The lead solo diddles were a great touch as well. This is probably my favourite track as it actually stays unique fresh sounding. It ends on a great lead guitar and harmonized part.

This album was a little lacklustre in my opinion. Although I understand they have the Gothenburg, Swedish style death metal. The guitar just seems to feel the same through out most of the album. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are great, but if you want better Swedish death metal I’d listen to Amon Amarth or Arch Enemy.

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