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Guest review of "Symbiosis" by Abiotic written by Charlie Leduc, guitarist of Deformatory and Placentophagia

This is a guest review by Charlie Leduc, the guitarist of Deformatory and Placentophagia. Both bands are great death metal groups! You can see my interview with him and fellow Placentophagia member, Jay, here. Like Deformatory and Placentophagia Facebook pages, check out their respective website here and here, and buy their respective merch here and here.

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1. Metamorphilia
2. Vermosapien
3. A Universal Plague
4. To Burgeon and Languish
5. Hegira
6. Conquest of Gliese
7. The Singe
8. Exitus
9. Facades
10. The Graze of Locusts

Surfacing from the heart of South Florida, Miami's  Abiotic transcends high above the rest with a most preternatural sound. By interweaving well-cultivated musical dexterity and pronounced lyrical finesse, Abiotic epitomizes an unwonted entity of unmatched musicianship. In a short amount of time since the quintet's inception in 2010, this ghoulish coterie has made a paramount impact in the death metal scene and support from the masses continues to grow.

"I work with an amazing group of musicians and I feel everyone brings something different to the table. It helps us create a sound that's both fresh, but still very familiar and something almost anyone can relate to," said guitarist John Matos. There is no doubt that Abiotic has a bright future ahead. These young Floridians never cease to amaze their listeners, and they leave crowds mind blown and chanting for an encore at every live performance. Front man Ray Jimenez expressed: "Our songs deliver a message of self-awareness, for they exhort us to analyze our interaction with the universe: the way we affect it and each other, as well as the way it affects us." The five piece assault indisputably strives to leave a mark in the world.

The five-piece group consists of vocalist Ray Jimenez, bassist Alex Vazquez, drummer Andres Hurtado and guitarists Matt Mendez and Johnathan Matos. The band has released two singles and a seven song studio EP entitled 'A Universal Plague'. "Vermosapien", the second track on the EP, has recently been featured on the quintet's first music video, directed by Dan Drescher.

More from the band: "In regard to the approach of the album, we can honestly say that it is going to be dark, heavy, and technical. If it sounds like we made the floor cave in or broke a chair when you listen to the record, that’s probably what happened. We’re just destroying everything. All of the songs reach a higher level of viciousness and moshability. We can’t wait to play the new songs on tour!"

"Lyrically, this record embraces several sociological, anthropological, and philosophical perspectives. We’re interested in themes that will enable us to explore patterns and paradigms of culture, religion, and society, among other aspects. Vermosapien, recently featured in a music video directed by Dan Drescher, demonstrates the egocentric superiority of mankind. This song is a paradox about becoming more human as we lose our humanity. We seek to encourage our listeners to analyze our collective interaction with the universe: the way we affect it and each other, as well as the way it affects us. Though lyrics may hold the prevailing interpretation of the writer, because language is arbitrary listeners can always find their own meaning, and we always look forward to that."

It’s a rare fucking occurrence to come across a band that you have already pre-judged and labeled as just another label-core band, and for that band to completely change your entire opinion of them in a swift instant. This occurred after the first few minutes of listening to Abiotic’s stellar full-length release, Symbiosis.

This 5-piece progressive, technical death metal band from Miami, Florida have released an absolutely impressive record that will get more play in my car than a hooker on discount Thursday. Seriously though, this album fucking slays.

As I mentioned, I was a little apprehensive to review this album. I don’t know why. Call me a self-righteous elitist who believes death metal should be a certain way...I don’t really care. Having said that, Symbiosis is an album that encompasses and appeals to every one of my metal senses. From solid composition and song structures, to blistering, unique solos, to vocals that make your skin crawl right off the bone; there is no stone left unturned on this album. Even the goddamn breakdowns are impressive!

What really surprised me with this album is how the band knows how to take your hand and guide you down unexpected paths. Just when you think you have the song figured out, they fuck your mind into a whole new dimension, and they do so with grace and pure, unadulterated sexiness. Guitarists Matt Mendez and Johnathan Mato deliver absolutely magnificent performances and have cultivated something very unique in such an oversaturated realm. Congrats boys!

I just wish there was more bass passages. Alex Vasquez is such an impressive bass player and my only legitimate complaint is that he needs to be heard more! The guitar tone for this album is perfect, in my opinion. The bottom end is so crunchy, yet every single note can be precisely heard.  Also the tone and the composition of the guitar solos literally made me ejaculate. 

Vocalist Ray Jimenez is a grotesquely raw and powerful vocalist for this band. His ultra diverse range and attack on these songs make his contributions an essential element to the quality musicianship on this album.
On a similar note, their drummer needs to be dissected and analyzed. Andres Hurtado is a straight-up fucking machine and delivers impressively, song after song.

All in all, this album surprised the fuck out of me. It’s impressive, heavy, catchy, groovy, unique and does something that most albums don’t: STAND OUT. 

Do yourself a favor and treat your soul with a shredtastically amazing record: Symbiosis by Abiotic.

It’s been a slice.

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