Monday, November 19, 2012

Review of "Blood Lust" by Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

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1. I'll Cut You Down
2. Death's Door
3. Over and Over Again
4. Curse in the Trees
5. I'm Here to Kill You
6. 13 Candles
7. Ritual Knife
8. Withered Hand of Evil
9. Down to the Fire (Bonus)

Who are this mysterious cult phenomenon known as Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats? We are not able to shed much light on the identity of this drug-crazed coven of freaks but their addictive blend of heavy, melodic and garage horror-rock sounds have already taken the underground by storm. The popularity of this anonymous bunch initially stemmed from people discovering tracks uploaded by them to Youtube (, without any other hype. Two extremely limited self-financed mail order only Cd-r only albums were released (Vol 1 & Blood Lust) and interest in the band grew rapidly.

A vinyl edition of Blood Lust was released by Rise Above Records in 2011, which sold out instantly. Demand for this vinyl edition set the record collecting market on fire, with first pressing copies fetching up to £700 on eBay. It was re-pressed on vinyl a second time earlier in 2012 and again sold out in minutes with the Rise Above Records website crashing under the strain of a staggering amount of hits.

All of this has happened without any live performances or clear photographs of the band ever being published. Whilst the electrifying quality of their music is unquestionable, their true identity still remains a mystery. All of this is about to change when they are finally unveiled for their hugely anticipated debut live performance in London, UK on March 22nd and 23rd. A second date has had to be added due to the high demand and the first night selling out in a very short space of time.

Having recently signed to Rise Above Records, they are due to enter the studio on Halloween 2012 to record their first full-length album for the label, which is due for a March 2013 release. In the meantime we are delighted to be giving the already legendary Blood Lust it’s first officially licensed release.

Blood Lust is music brings back the dark spirit of true rock and roll as conjured up by this anonymous cult of horror worshipping fiends. Uncle Acid has come to kill!

The way the guitar riff, bass riff, and drums start this album and first track, “I'll Cut You Down,” off after the opening sound clip is excellent. I got a really old groove feeling from this track and the style of vocals was kind of surprising, because I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it gives this band a perfect mix. Another great mix of instruments to start “Death's Door” off and the harmonization of the guitars were enjoyable. The riffs on this track are really catchy with the way they flow. Half way through there is a great solo, lead, and some more harmonized riffs. This track is pretty slow and chilled out. “Over and Over Again” brings heavier feeling guitars, but the riffs are a little repetitive but since it’s a shorter track it’s not too bothersome as they have tendencies to be catchy. A nice solo to plays this track out.

The next track “Curse in the Trees,” was quite a doom inspired track. It brought nice and eerie vocals, as well as a good mix of slower doom bits and a faster old school heavy metal grooves. The drumming really takes the spotlight of the track “I'm Here to Kill You,” with its spastic ride cymbal, snare beats and fills that stand out great. I liked the guitar solo and then a keyboard solo came out of no where, or at least I think I heard one, which was interesting. I’m not sure where it was hiding for most of the album, it must not have been too apparent. The drumming is a little less hyper on “13 Candles” and creates a great groove with the guitar riffs. The lead diddles and the bass along with them is perfect. It is definitely a catchy track, as you get lost in the amazing vocals and the accompanying groove from the rest of the band.

“Ritual Knife” sounds just as the title entitles, bringing a tribal like drumming and a nice riff to play along. When the guitars go off on a little effect bit it makes a nice mix of riffs. A great solo plays out the track. Really atmospheric violin sounds and mellow riff to start, “Withered Hand of Evil,” the next track off. The vocals and guitar on this track are really chilling and the mixes of violin and guitar bits are really eerie the way they meld together. This track really is a darker track which is always nice to have once in a while. The last track on the album, “Down to the Fire,” is a bonus track and leaves you on a more up beat note with amazing acoustic guitar and a softer spoken vocal style. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such an amazing combination of acoustic riffs and tribal like drumming before. This may just be the best bonus track I have heard in a while.

Going into this album not knowing who Uncle Acid or the Deadbeats are, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Finding out this album has been out for a year and I am just hearing about these guys, makes me sad. Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats are incredible and weird. With Uncle Acid taking care of the estranged vocal styling, incredible guitar and nice ambient keyboard/organ, Kat ripping the bass with catchy lines, and Red bringing interesting drumming to the mix, they are amazing at what they do. As this is being rereleased on Metal Blade, this album is and will be a nice way to get ready for their upcoming release and I recommend picking this and the upcoming up!

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