Saturday, November 17, 2012

Review of "Men of Honour" by 2 Wolves

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1. Bygones
2. Unreal Conversations
3. Warm Touch of Forthcoming Tragedy
4. Of Painful Days
5. Stars
6. The Path of Misery
7. Same Different Burden
8. The Battle of Two Wolves
9. Enemy Inside

2 Wolves' second album uses a formula familiar from their debut - it mixes metal with symphonic and industrial elements. This time clean vocals have been added to the mix. On ”Men of Honour” the band does not intend to break speed limits - in fact, after a brisk start the tempo comes close to that of doom metal a few times.

The album is the soundtrack to a temptation-prone youth struggling with himself. The songs are about looking back in the past and having regrets, but also about getting back on one's feet and even higher. The record's finale demonstrates what may happen if you are not in control of your own life.

This album starts off with the epic track “Bygones.” The ambience and horns leading in is really epic and continues to be epic throughout. I enjoyed the dirty screams and the clean vocals aren’t even bad and give a little bit of a power metal vibe. “Unreal Conversations” brings some great chug style riffs and the vocals are really great, with a mix of death metal growls and industrial styled clean. The combination of genres is done well and one doesn’t override the other which is always good. Bringing a more mellow sound is the next track “Warm Touch of Forthcoming Tragedy,” with the keys and mellow guitar being really relaxed and the vocals are very calmed as well. This track may even a ballad the way it’s laid out, although there is some growls near the end. Even the heavier guitars aren’t too pace changing, it is definitely a chilled out masterpiece.

The guitars in “Of Painful Days” have a very catchy flow going, especially with the addition of the ambience. The faster screams near the end was really creepy and felt like he was jumping around my head with the left and right balancing. More relaxing vocals and mellow guitars and keyboard on the next track, “Stars.” The layering of clean singing and growls sounds amazing, bringing a great mix of emotions to the table. The keys are really epic on “The Path of Misery” and it even feels a little extreme/black metal the way it flowed. This is probably my favourite track, bringing grim riffs and menacing vocals that toss you to the wolves.

“Same Different Burden,” the next track, flowed right into from the track prior with slow riffs and mellow keys. The clean vocals feel really gothic and spooky and the growls are very dirty. This track brings a great mix of calm and relaxing bits and heavy and grim bits. The next track is a short one, but I highly enjoyed it. The acoustic strumming, nice lead guitar, tribal feeling drumming, and chants in the background make “The Battle of Two Wolves” feel like an epic battle commencing. The vocals are great as well most likely a battles of words between the two wolves, a softer spoken and a more furious one. Men of Honour concludes with “Enemy Inside,” bringing a mix of screams and growls as well as very eerie ambient noises. This was an epic finale to the album with heavy riffs and catchy leads

This album was very interesting as I went in on the assumption of it being a mix of industrial and doom. Although that statement is true, I came out feel more of a black metal vibe as well. 2 Wolves know how to make an epic masterpiece. I highly recommend picking this album up and supporting these dudes!

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